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The range 2019 - 2

If the kitchen is the heart of the home then…

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The range 2019 - 3

…Gaggenau is the soul of the kitchen. Aspiring to enable private chefs to bring their visions to life, we develop tools of the highest quality, bridging innovation with intuition. Crafted from puristic materials as stainless steel and glass, they embody a true design statement. A symbiosis of tradition and avant-garde. A mark of simplicity and authenticity.

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The range 2019 - 5

Born to be different Every company has a beginning; it is simply that ours is much, much earlier than most. In 1683, Ludwig Wilhelm von Baden, local landowner and one of the most powerful aristocrats of his day, founded an iron forge amidst the dense Black Forest, in the hamlet of Gaggenau. Drawing upon the experience of generations of artisans, we continue to set ourselves apart.

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The range 2019 - 6

1683 The Gaggenau forge is founded by Ludwig Wilhelm von Baden 1873 Michael Flurscheim purchases Gaggenau ironworks 1887 Enamel advertising signs produced 1891 The birth of the popular Badenia Bicycle

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The range 2019 - 7

The moments that shaped us As the world has changed beyond recognition, there has been one constant: staying true to ourselves by focusing on honing our skills in metal. 1931 Dr. Otto von Blanquet assumes control. From this moment on, Gaggenau focuses on crafting extraordinary kitchen appliances 1956 Gaggenau handed down to Georg von Blanquet

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The range 2019 - 9

Centuries of skills in every appliance. Being over 300 years old, we consciously think long term. Our design is avant-garde yet timeless and we skilfully hand-build our pieces using the finest materials because that is how you create something that will last. Our strive for perfection results in us checking the quality of the piece as it is handed from craftsmen to craftsmen. A reputation built up over centuries can be lost in a moment, therefore our quality control is twice to three times as stringent as those with less to lose. We are committed to innovation, but we are not blinded by the...

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The range 2019 - 11

1931 The introduction of electric ovens 1956 First built-in eye-level oven 1973 First downdraft ventilation 1982 First flat kitchen hood 1986 Launch of our icon, the 90 cm wide EB 300 oven 1999 Launch of steam oven and combi-steam oven 2007 Launch of the Vario cooling 400 series and the ovens 200 series 2011 First full surface induction cooktop with intuitive interface 2012 Laser cutting and welding introduced for the precision finish of the Vario cooktops 400 series frames 2012 Establishment of our cleanroom for user interface development 2013 Launch of the revised ovens 400 series and 200...

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The range 2019 - 13

London, New York, Shanghai... Our showrooms aim to inspire, symbols of our world, each containing an architectural feature that acknowledges the local environment. A range of selected appliances in a sophisticated, cultivated setting, where the private chef can see, handle and peruse the actual pieces. Because in the end, the best way to understand the Gaggenau difference is to touch it. Gaggenau London

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The range 2019 - 15

Overview of baking and accessories 20 The Vario cooktops 400 series 26 The Vario cooktops 200 series 38 Overview of cooking and accessories 46 Overview of ventilation and accessories 66 The Vario cooling 400 series 70 The wine climate cabinets 74 The Vario cooling 200 series 78 Overview of cooling and accessories 84 Overview of dishwashing and accessories 98 Global showrooms

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The range 2019 - 17

What the professional chef comes home to. Each of our ovens will satisfy the most demanding of private chefs, with reassuring professional touches at every turn. As with honey still in the comb, there is the promise of a truly authentic culinary experience. Each chef wishes to express themselves a little differently: seasoning, timing, temperature, every recipe is personalised. What is required from us is excellent performance, lifelong quality and bold designs. These individual tastes are catered for with the iconic EB 333, the expansive ovens 400 series and the flush ovens 200 series....

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The range 2019 - 19

The EB 333 An icon in the culinary world for more than 30 years, the recently redesigned and updated EB 333 continues to be a culinary aspiration. Almost entirely built by hand, its front door panel is fashioned from a single piece of 3 mm stainless steel and stretches across the full, impressive 90 cm width. Cantilevered hinges and a cushioned opening system effortlessly manoeuvre the door’s substantial 20 kg of weight. Technical improvements have resulted in the welcome addition of the newly designed user interface which includes the TFT touch display. Its stainless steel knobs are also...

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The range 2019 - 21

Driven by the principles of the professional kitchen, inspired by the needs of the private chef, our ovens 400 series offer inspiring potential with the convenience of Home Connect. The bold lines of solid stainless steel and glass, standing proud of their background are unmistakably Gaggenau. Intriguingly free of any handles, doors are opened by a simple touch of the display. This is an oven that confidently sets the tone of the kitchen. The oven, combi-steam oven and combi-microwave oven are just one of your options. Swap in the fully automatic espresso machine and don't forget the...

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The range 2019 - 23

The oven being top of its class. Flaunting up to 17 cooking programmes and an extensive range of features including a rotisserie spit, core temperature probe, the option of a baking stone and pyrolytic selfcleaning all at the touch of a button. The fully automatic espresso machine enables you to create your bespoke coffee alongside the individual preferences of your guest, instantly and with a minimum of effort. Up to eight personalised settings can be stored. Meanwhile, the fixed inlet and outlet water connection removes the need to concern yourself with filling the water tank or emptying...

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The range 2019 - 25

The combi-steam oven is the instrument you turn to when you wish to steam, braise, bake, cook, grill, gratinate, regenerate, extract juice or sous-vide. And having done all that it even washes itself. We introduced the combi-steam oven to the private kitchen 20 years ago. Since then we have been continually refining it. Ultra-precise finessing of the temperature, five humidity levels and the new addition of a vacuuming drawer will encourage a mastery of cooking. The automatic self-cleaning system of the combi-steam oven is an innovation that you will wonder how you ever lived without. It...

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