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First impressions - 1

The world of Gaggenau. First impressions. Edition 2012.

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First impressions - 2

At Gaggenau, we develop appliances with professional standards for the domestic kitchen. With over 300 years experience, our company does this with unparalleled quality and perfection. We make it a point to produce a great deal by hand. In doing so, we use materials and techniques that have proven their outstanding quality over decades and draw on our long history of innovation. For the development of new technologies has always been a quintessential part of Gaggenau’s trad­ ition. Our best-known innovations include glass ceramic cooktops, pyrolytic self-cleaning, the Combi-steam oven for...

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First impressions - 4

It takes more than a good recipe to make the perfect meal. Chefs know that ingredients can be prepared in any number of ways. Baking, cooking, ­ teaming s and frying all result in very different experiences for the palate. Gaggenau offers the perfectly designed appliance for every cooking method. Occasionally entertaining large groups requires a comfortably large oven like the EB 388 with a heated baking stone and rotisserie spit. A 200 series Combi-steam oven is perfect for cooking, while retaining all the vitamins. The Vario cooktops 400 and 200 series, with over 15 different appliances...

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First impressions - 6

Ovens with succinct style. The 200 series ovens. The 200 series ovens impress straight away with their characteristic appearance. The superb design’s crowning achievement is a Gaggenau innovation that sets new standards – an exceptionally easy-to-use control module has simply replaced the conventional panel with its knobs and switches. High-grade, finely crafted materials such as stainless steel, aluminium and glass ensure unparalleled quality and timeless elegance. To ensure they can be harmoniously integrated into any kind of kitchen, the 200 series ovens are also available with an...

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First impressions - 8

A real flavour enhancer. The Combi-steam oven BS 274. Steaming without pressure is one of the healthiest cooking methods of all. Vitamins, minerals, consistency and colour all remain unaltered. The food’s natural taste is enhanced without any need for artificial additives. The Combi-steam oven BS 274 has a range of temperatures up to 230 °C that can be combined with different humidity levels. What’s more, a grill can also be switched on. So this oven can now do everything: steaming, baking, roasting, braising, regenerating, grilling and gratinéeing. A fivecourse meal for up to eight people...

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First impressions - 10

Defrosting, heating up, cooking, baking and grilling. The Combi-microwave oven BM 275.

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First impressions - 11

The new Combi-microwave oven BM 275 is exactly what time-pressed cooks have always dreamed of: a 1000-watt microwave and an oven in a single unit. Both functions can be used separately. But they can also be combined. It’s an advantage that really becomes valuable when things have to go that little bit faster. A grill for preparing gratins can also be switched on at any time. This appliance from our range of 200 series ovens has three heating methods available: hot air, grilling with hot air and grilling with circulated air. Each of these can be combined with the microwave output levels of...

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First impressions - 12

Right at home in the world’s finest kitchens. The EB 388.

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First impressions - 13

Top chefs love this appliance. With a width of 90 cm, the EB 388 is one of the biggest Gaggenau ovens. It’s big enough to simultaneously grill or roast three or four whole chickens or joints. It comes as standard with a rotisserie spit, core temperature probe, baking stone and pyrolytic self-cleaning. We’ve been manufacturing the EB 388 in almost exactly the same design for nearly 20 years. And it’s still almost exclusively crafted by hand – which explains why our experienced manufacturers only produce 20 ovens a day. A veritable classic.

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First impressions - 14

Your own personal barista. The fully automatic espresso machine CM 250. Coffee is something you can discover anew with every cup you drink – that’s why it comes in an almost infinite range of variations. The fully automatic espresso machine CM 250 is a true master of this multiplicity – and one specialising in your own personal favourite speciality coffee. Be it espresso, coffee, latte macchiato, cappuccino or milk coffee – the fully automatic espresso machine leaves almost no wish unfulfilled. The new personalisation function also enables you to save up to six individual beverages under...

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First impressions - 16

A cooking surface exactly as you like it. The Vario cooktops 400 series.

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First impressions - 17

A cooking surface that exudes unity, even though it is composed of diverse, freely selectable cooktops — that’s the Vario cooktops 400 series. We have been producing this series for more than 30 years, during which time we have continued to further develop the units and enhance them with innovative technology. One new feature is that all of the elements fit ­ erfectly together, thanks to their p flat design and precise manufacture. As a result, the appliances, which are made from solid stainless steel, blend together optically to form a single item, regardless of whether they are...

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First impressions - 18

Compact and multifaceted. The Vario cooktops 200 series.

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First impressions - 19

With the Vario cooktops 200 series, Gaggenau is offering a further series for you to create your own personal cooktop. The 28 cm-wide modules are considerably narrower than those of the 400 series, which opens up a wide range of possible combin­ ations, especially in small spaces. The series offers a large number of appliances which you can put together to make your own personal cooktop – just as you want it. In the process, you have the choice of products in aluminium or stainless steel. The look of the Vario cooktops 200 series with its flat control panels, square pan supports and elegant...

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First impressions - 20

Cooking without limits. The full surface induction cooktop CX 480.

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First impressions - 21

This cooktop makes a completely new type of cooking possible because it is the first appliance to make the entire cooktop available as a single large cooking zone. The cookware is automatically recognised and heated exactly where it stands. Up to four different pots and pans can be placed anywhere on the cooktop and used at the same time – no matter what their size or shape. When the cookware is moved, the cooktop recognises the new position and continues to work reliably. This is because the heat is not transferred from the cooktop to the pot, but is generated directly in the base of the...

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