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Select – the wonders of wool Select is the epitome of tranquil simplicity. It is easy on the eye, blends in everywhere and offers unsurpassed quality and functionality. Select is a classic woollen upholstery fabric distinguished by its understated, unicoloured elegance and its basic, authentic look that exudes sublime craftmanship and first class quality. With its tranquil simplicity it is easy on the eye – and easy to like. Its tightly woven relief structure blends in everywhere – from office landscapes to hotel lounges – leaving a discreet yet significant mark and adding an extra dimension of functionality and classic elegance. Quality through generations Select is made from 85% pure, new wool from New Zealand, where sheep farmers have refined their farming methods through generations. Today, their wool is recognised as the best in the world meeting even the highest quality, environmental and ethical standards. New Zealand farmers produce their wool with respect for nature and with animal welfare as an absolute top priority ensuring exceptionally strong, clean and white wool of unsurpassable quality. Completely free from chemicals The cleanness, whiteness and superior quality of New Zealand wool mean that carbonising, optical brighteners and other chemical treatments which weaken the fibres and damage the wool’s natural properties are unnecessary. Consequently, the wool used for Select has only gone through a gentle and eco-friendly washing process, before it is dyed. It has not been carbonised and no artificial softeners, antibacterial treatments, anti-peeling agents, toxic dyes or other harmful chemicals have been added in the process. It is pure, clean wool fibres with all the natural properties intact that make New Zealand wool one of a kind. Superior user health and safety Made from natural wool fibres and absolutely free from harmful chemicals, Select does not emit pollutants or odours that affect indoor climates, cause allergies and compromise human health and comfort. As the fabric has not undergone any surface treatments, and the dyes used for the fabric are all eco-friendly, skin contact with the fabric is absolutely safe. Select is OekoTex certified, and the certification verifies that the fabric is absolutely safe and harmless to health – both for the end users as well as for the production staff working with the fabric throughout the textile production and upholstery processes. A fabric with an infinite lifespan In Select the exceptional strength and durability of wool have been maximised by mixing the wool fibres with 15% polyamide. The compact spun and tightly woven yarns form a fabric with a closed surface texture almost impenetrable to dust and dirt. The result is an extremely durable – and almost indestructable – fabric with a rating of 200,000 Martindale. With its superior abrasion resistance, Select has an almost infinite lifespan and is highly suitable for even the most demanding high-traffic environments such as airports, hospitals, educational institutions and public transportation defined by intense use round-the-clock, 365

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Naturally dirt and water repellent The wool used for Select is distinguished by its natural dirt repellent property. Wool fibres contain lanolin which is a naturally occuring waxy coating that makes wool inherently water and dirt repellent. Made from uncarbonised wool with natural levels of lanolin, Select offers excellent dirt repellency and is consequently very easy to maintain. Colours that stand out One of many adverse effects of chemical treatments such as bleaching is that the chemicals affect the wool’s ability to absorb dyes and cause the colours to change over time. The New Zealand...

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