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Hanging 3600 LED Video curtain Brilliant balls on ropes Simply spheres on a flexible line. Uses G-LEC's ultra reliable video distribution and drive technology 40mm diameter spheres with white opaque diffuser give brilliant 3600 viewing 120mm between each ball Free hanging lines up to 8 metres in length Free form 3 dimensional shapes can be easily created Ultra-bright LED's with 16 million colors Full speed video and graphics Flexibility gives transparency for wind, Stage element for intimate or large concert productions Product and stage reveals Interior design for clubs, museums Exhibition stands Freeform organic presentations Integrates with G-LEC Phantom

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Solaris+ - 2

Solaris+ is an extremely cost effective way to furnish eye catching video and graphic effects in entertainment and architectural projects. The visual effect of the 40mm diameter ´pixel balls´ is remarkable. 360° viewing allows designers to set their imagination free – place the viewers in the middle of Solaris+, or even surround the audience with Solaris+. Solaris+ can be gathered up to form openings, hung in drapes or fixed to hoists to move the whole Solaris+ curtain in 3D space. Solaris+ is the product for television, stage, corporate presentations or interior design for clubs, museums...

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Solaris+ - 3

Solaris+ shares the same control and video distribution technologies as Phantom, making it possible to design an integrated media show using different display elements and textures with a single control and media input. Different pixel types and resolutions can be mixed freely and coordinated by the central G-LEC processing equipment. Solaris+ Line Solaris+ Manager Solaris+ PSU Solaris+ Bracket Solaris+ Line length Solaris+ Manager Solaris+ PSU Solaris+ Bracket 360g / 0.79 lbs. per line 2.9kg / 6.39 lbs. per square metre (120mm pixel pitch) 4kg /8.8 lbs. 6kg / 13.22 lbs. 620g / 1.37 lbs....

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Solaris+ - 4

The Solaris* System consists of four or more lines/bracket WWW.G-LEC.COm Copyright © G-LEC Vision GmbH - All rights reserved. Information and specifications subject to change • DSS+-ioog-UK

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