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Large Format TransparentvLED Display PixelPerfect Video and Graphics Photo: Manfred Vogel Photo: Transparent to light, audio and wind Nothing but plastic tubes, a thin frame and transparency High resolution, high transparency Staged events Most transparent LED video system available Television shows and awards ceremonies Transparent to light, audio and wind Corporate events, exhibitions and presentations All-in-one SMD-LEDs for particular clean lock Can be flown and mounted on trucks Very lightweight, easy to hang and transport Can be integrated into scenery Fast and easy to assemble with patented QuickLock frames Any video, graphic or still content depending on server supplied by customer Video can be shown on a single screen or separate clusters of screens Phantom© 30 can mix and match with Phantom© 60, connecting frames together regardless of resolution Accepts DVI-D video from any professional media server

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The Phantom 30 consists of a number of 1m aluminium frames carrying the display pixels. The frames are powered externally by power supply units that can be located separately from the frames. Control is from a Drive Box that is configured by a PC or laptop with configuration software. Content and external media sever are supplied by the client. 2 The DVI input is transmitted to the configured display positions at full video speed via fibre optic cables which are daisychained between frames. Each 1m x 1m frame carries 32 translucent polycarbonate tubes, each holding 32 ultrabright LED pixels...

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Technical Specifications Transparency Visual, audio and wind 60% Config. Dimensions Eachs frame: Tube Diameter Eachs frame: Pixel pitch Pixel luminous intensity/pixel 16 million, 24 bit full color Viewing Distance Recommended minimum to view graphics: low resolution: 4m, good resolution: 20m Cabling & Voltage Internal cables: Multimode fibre optics External connectors: Powercon USB-B socket for control Power consumption Video Input Refresh rate Any frame can be defined to be at any position on a virtual plane, defined by the configuration software. DVI In and amplified DVI Out for Drive Box...

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front view side view The Phantom System consists can be used like a screen or... moved like curtains or.. . built from 3D objects WWW.G-LEC.COm Copyright © G-LEC Vision GmbH • All rights reserved. Information and specifications subject to change • DSP30SMD-1104-UK

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