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Surfaces for durable lab designs

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Max Resistance2 - 2

The best in its class Max Resistance2 combines the very best intrinsic qualities: extreme resistance to the most aggressive chemicals, natural strength, long lasting durability, and an easy-to-clean surface. What’s more, it opens up new design possiblities. Excellent chemical resistance Scratch resistant Ease of installation Impact resistant Abrasion resistant Double sided Excellent machinability Food grade interior FunderMax

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Max Resistance2 - 3

Max Resistance² Max Resistance² is a duromer high pressure laminate (HPL), produced in laminate presses, under high pressure at high temperature, in accordance with EN 438-4, type CGS. MAX RESISTANCE² STRUCTURE ACRYLIC PU COATING (chemical resistant) DOUBLE-SIDED DECOR Due to its scientifically developed, double-cured polyurethane acrylic coating, Max Resistance² stands up to the toughest tests – unaffected by solvents, most acids and the harshest chemicals. Easy-to-clean and disinfect and at the same time wear and scratch resistant, this innovative material significantly extends the life...

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Max Resistance2 - 4

Patented surface technology Exclusive ‘RE technology’, developed in-house by FunderMax research scientists, is used in the production of Max Resistance2 – perfecting the finish and making it ultimately resistant on both sides. In contrast to ordinary surfaces manufactured by means of Electronic Beam Curing (EBC) or Melamine FunderMax RE-Technology technology, Max Resistance² work surface offers a significantly higher resistance to scratching, impact and abrasion, as well as aggressive acids. Max Resistance2 sets a new standard for laboratory surfaces and considerably increases the life...

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Max Resistance2 - 5

Maximum performance Max Resistance2 not only meets the standards set by SEFA 3, it surpasses them; the harshest chemicals applied to horizontal lab surfaces have no impact whatsoever. Even Hydrofluoric Acid and Nitric Acid don’t damage the surface. 0 ORGANIC CHEMICALS Sodium Sulfide Saturated Amyl Acetate Butyl Alcohol Carbon Tetrachloride Sulphuric Acid 77 % Nitric Acid 70% (1:1) Dichlor Acetic Acid 2) Diethyl Ether Sodium Hydroxide Flake Ethyl Alcohol Methylene Chloride Saturated Zinc Chloride Methyl Ethyl Ketone Saturated Silver Nitrate Mono Chlorobenzene TEST RESULTS MAY DIFFER BY...

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Max Resistance2 - 6

Outstanding mechanical and thermal properties Properties tested according to EN 438-2 Standard requirement Properties tested according to EN 438-2 THERMAL PROPERTIES Dimensional stability measured at elevated temperatures with moisture change EN 438-2, point 17 PHYSICAL DATA Density DIN 52350/ISO 1183 Thickness (e.g.) EN 438-2, point 5 Resistance to impact EN 438-2, point 21 Flexural strength EN ISO 178 E-Modulus EN ISO 178 Tensile strength EN ISO 527-2 Resistance to dry heat EN 438-2, point 16 5 no visible changes, no blisters or cracks2) Resistance to staining EN 438-2, point 26 (group...

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Max Resistance2 - 7

Fabrication and Installation PROCESSING GUIDELINES In comparison to other materials, Max Resistance2 is very easy to machine and install. You can find detailed instructions on storage, handling and fabrication in our ‘Interior Technique’ brochure and online at Examples of edge designs OPTION FOR INSTALLING AN UNDERMOUNT SINK OPTION FOR WORKTOP JOINTS interior FunderMax

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Max Resistance2 - 8

PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONS PRODUKTE Optimal Size FunderMax offers over-sized compact panels – specifically designed for the laboratory sector. With Max Resistance2 you can design seamless, joint-free worktop areas. SIZES 3660 x 1630 mm 2800 x 1300 mm Max Resistance² HPL: 1 mm, sanded back CORE black Upon request also available in F quality (minimum quantity 100 panels.) SURFACE RE interior FunderMax Peelable protective film on both sides for maximum protection during transport, fabrication and installation.

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Max Resistance2 - 9

COLOR VARIATIONS FROM THE ORIGINAL DECORS ARE CAUSED TO THE TECHNICAL LIMITATIONS OF THE PRINTING PROCESS. PLEASE ASK ALWAYS FOR ORIGINAL SAMPLES. The collection Max Resistance2 makes life so much easier. With its deep black core and double sided resistant decor, you can maximise your design and reduce waste during fabrication. Extra high resin content and careful manufacturing results in a entirely deep black core – additional edge treatment is not necessary. 0559 PASTEL GREY PUNTO * STANDARD DECORS: NO MINIMUM ORDER. OTHER DECORS: MINIMUM ORDER: 40 PANELS. In large, design oriented...

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Max Resistance2 - 10

PRODUCT RANGE PRODUKTE Products for laboratories In addition to Max Resistance2, FunderMax offers a wide range of combinable high quality products, purposely designed for the diverse challenges of the laboratory market. Compact Interior Compact Interior White Core Star Favorit Superfront 12 Standard Decors; others available on request 12 Standard Decors; others available on request > 240 Decors (FunderMax Interior Collection) > 240 Decors (FunderMax Interior Collection) > 240 Decors (FunderMax Interior Collection) > 240 Decors (FunderMax Interior Collection) Chemical resistance of the...

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Max Resistance2 - 11

Sustainable product design - FSC certified - Green electricity and bio-energy - Low emissions ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY PRODUCTION During the manufacture of Max Resistance2, kraft paper is impregnated with resin, dried and compressed at high pressure – producing highly durable and moisture resistant panels. The waste from this process is treated (by regenerative thermal oxidation) and then re-used, achieving an entirely closed production cycle. R aw sources that have the least impact on the climate, FunderMax makes an active contribution to the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions and helps...

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Max Resistance2 - 12

1-4/16-PR0066GB.18 FUNDERMAX SPAIN Pol. Ind. Can Salvatella Avda. Salvatella, 85-97 E-08210 Barberà del Vallès (Barcelona) Tel.: +34 93 729 63 45 Fax: +34 93 729 63 46 FUNDERMAX INDIA Pvt. Ltd. No. 13, 1st floor, 13th Cross Wilson Garden Bangalore – 560 027 Tel.: +91 80 4112 7053 Fax: +91 80 4112 7053 FUNDERMAX POLSKA Sp. z o.o. ul. Rybitwy 12 PL-30 722 Kraków Tel.: +48 12 653 45 28 Fax: +48 12 657 05 45 FUNDERMAX SWISS AG Industriestrasse 38 CH-5314 Kleindöttingen Tel.: +41 56 268...

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