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FSB International Tailored Product Package - 1

FSB International Tailored Product Package

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FSB International Tailored Product Package - 3

5 Door Hardware Specifications 8 FSB project service worldwide 23 FSB Products 24 Door closers 26 Door closers: additional components 30 Door closers with standard arm 32 Door closers with slide rail 34 Door closers concealed mounting in door/frame 36 Butt hinges 40 Concealed-bearing butt hinge 44 Mortice locks 49 FSB partner products: Athmer, BSW, CES, emco, Norseal 50 Athmer automatic door seals 54 BSW hinges 60 CES locks and locking systems 66 emco entrance matting systems 70 Norseal specialist seal solutions 75 FSB product overview from Manual 13 77 Lever handles 82 Plug-in handles for...

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FSB International Tailored Product Package - 5

4 FSB's DNA 5 Door Hardware Specifications 6 Specification document 7 The Four-Step Process 8 FSB project service worldwide 9 International standards 10 Materials and finishes 16 Door types

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FSB International Tailored Product Package - 6

The FSB acronym is a byword the world over for visually and functionally top-quality system solutions for doors and windows - and a lot more besides. The specialist expertise we have amassed in over 135 years in business has, however, given rise to more than “just” premium door handles that have found their way into New York's Museum of Modern Art. Another reason architects and builders' clients cherish products from Brakel is that we have an advanced understanding of the requirements of modern Civic/Commercial construction. Everything that has anything at all to do with handle culture in...

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FSB International Tailored Product Package - 7

Door Hardware Specifications Writing the right way Spec writing is for us the logical, contemporary further development of our cooperation with architects and planners on an equal footing, and our view of an integrated, comprehensive understanding of architecture. The architectural profession is becoming increasingly complex, the choice of products for the realisation of building projects is becoming more and more extensive – and more confusing. So we continue to contribute by way of door hardware systems to high-quality architecture under the motto: “The detail makes the design”....

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FSB International Tailored Product Package - 8

Specification document Our specifications balance the architect's vision with functional requirements A proper specification is one that satisfies the investor’s budget, the architect’s vision and the contractor’s requirements. We strive to meet this goal with each project. We provide all levels of specifications from simple hardware groupings to complete specifications including door schedules, BOQs and digital catalogues. Whatever your requirement, we can furnish. We furnish formats to suit European standards (National Building Standard P21) or your office/local standards as required. We...

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FSB International Tailored Product Package - 9

1. Project Information Architectural plans, door schedules and details are forwarded to FSB by email, via FTP site or as hard copy. Formats can be AutoCAD, DWG, Word, Excel and PDF. 2. Aesthetic Vision Your design and aesthetic vision are communicated both verbally and by means of product/finish selections. 3. Software Tool We download into our software tool your door schedules (or develop one for you, should you require), we review your plans to understand the exit plans, electronic hardware requirements and your important aesthetic statements. 4. Formulating the Hardware Groupings FSB...

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FSB International Tailored Product Package - 10

The FSB brand is available worldwide Our Points of Contact are divided into regions looked after by FSB Regional Sales Managers and local distribution partners in their countries. Please refer to www.fsb.de/ contact for your region or local distribution. Furthermore our qualified sales and specification team is available at all times for your questions and needs. Central Contact Person Franz Schneider Brakel GmbH + Co KG Nieheimer Strasse 38 33034 Brakel, Germany Reinke Massolle Phone +49 5272 608704 reinke.massolle@fsb.de Specialised Trade Support GCC Countries Spec Write International LLC...

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FSB International Tailored Product Package - 11

Set out below is a list of EN standards with a bearing on doors and windows that does not in any way claim to be exhaustive: EN 179 Emergency exit devices Emergency exit doors conforming to EN 179 are intended for buildings that are not subject to public traffic and the users know the function of the emergency exit doors. Safe escape must be guaranteed with a single operation. EN 1125 Crossbar panic exit devices Panic doors conforming to EN 1125 are intended for use in public buildings in situations that may give rise to panic. The device must be capable of being activated with no prior...

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FSB International Tailored Product Package - 12

Materials and finishes Aluminium FSB 0105 Aluminium Natural-Colour Anodised FSB 6217 Aluminium Scumble-Lacquered Stainless Steel Aluminium is the most commonly occurring metal in the Earth’s crust. In comparison to other metals, Aluminium has not been known for long – it was first produced with a chemical reaction in 1808. From the very beginning, Aluminium has been used as a hi-tech material wherever there was a need for both lightness and great durability. Neither space travel, aircraft construction or car making would be conceivable without it; indeed, some key innovations in these...

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FSB International Tailored Product Package - 13

FSB adopts the standard direct-current sulphuric acid electrolyte method for its anodising operations. The oxide layer created with this standard method is approx. 10 μm thick and has a hardness of up to 350 kp/mm2 (Vickers), the equivalent of 2,500–3,500 N/mm2. This artificially created anodised layer protects the Aluminium. Dirt spots can be removed with water and a soft cloth. The lacquered closers and hinges have been tested to EN 1670 and easily meet the criteria for Class 4 status, which testifies to a high degree of durability in outdoor applications under very extreme conditions....

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FSB International Tailored Product Package - 14

Materials and finishes S tainless Steel In 1912, the Krupp company in Essen took out the first patents for a new material which became familiar in pre-war Germany under the names “Nirosta” (never rust) and “V2a-steel”. A variety of applications quickly opened up for this new material: from the construction of containers in the chemical industry through to designs in car and aircraft construction, from building materials to household appliances. The generic term “Stainless Steel” now embraces over 100 separate rust and acidresistant steels. We use chromium-nickel steel bearing Material No....

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