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FSB Handrails Hands grip ovally

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FSB handrails in action: AZ Sint Jan, Bruges FSB has assumed a pioneering role worldwide by issuing Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) pursuant to ISO 14 025 and EN 15 804 for specific materials and across different ranges. Find out more about FSB + Sustainability at www.fsb.de/EN15804

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Diagonal + oval = safe gripping. The diagonal-oval design of FSB handrails is wholly in keeping with the principles of ergonomic gripping. The unique forward tilt of the hardware’s oval cross-section provides the hand with optimum gripping quality. An oval cross-section conforms particularly well to the laws governing the anatomy of the hand. The hand encloses the elliptical cross-section comfortably. The effort is distributed evenly between all finger joints and optimum use is made of all parts of the hand including the wrist. As a result, far less force needs to be exerted by the hand to...

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Two materials – double benefits: Stainless Steel Brilliantly suited: Stainless Steel The generic term “stainless steel” now embraces over 100 rust and acid-resistant steels. FSB uses chromium-nickel steel designated as Material No. 1.4301 under German standard DIN 17440. It contains approx. 18 % chromium and 8 % nickel, a proven alloy in the builder’s trade. Properties that speak for themselves Stainless steel is an excellent choice for bathrooms and sanitary areas because its surface is extremely corrosion-resistant, hardly ever reveals visible bump or scratch marks, is virtually...

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Simply barrier-free - in Aluminium From the very beginning, aluminium has been used as a hi-tech material wherever there is a need for both lightness and great durability. The finely structured electrostatic powder coatings (EPC) applied by FSB are far more resilient to cleansers, scratching or wear than conventional powders and procedures. Handrail systems in Aluminium are an ideal, budget-conscious alternative for virtually any application and location. Optimum visibility indoors The handrail system in Aluminium can be custom-adapted to specific interiors and settings by dint of its...

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Handrail combinations made to measure Dimensions to order with standard or bespoke coatings Handrails and bracket configurations are custom-produced by FSB to on-site lists of measurements. We will either assist you directly in arriving at these measurements or put you in touch with fabricators familiar with our system for this purpose. We will likewise be pleased to coordinate the checking and approval of works drawings for a given building. all components feature serial markings for ease of assembly. All Aluminium components for our Stainless Steel handrails receive a dark-grey coating as...

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Handrail Stainless Steel Handrail Aluminium Standard colour combination cf. page 4 If you would like to avail yourself of our measurement service when planning a job, please get in touch with us!

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Franz Schneider Brakel GmbH + Co KG Nieheimer StraBe 38 33034 Brakel Germany Phone +49 5272 608-0 Fax +49 5272 608-300 www.fsb.de ■ info@fsb.de 004 0498 00318 9001 ■ 0212018 ■ All details subject to modification

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