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FSB Handmade Lending shape to your ideas

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FSB is a byword for functional perfection, outstanding design and top-quality materials engineered with the utmost of precision. The world of architecture is our home territory. Architects and designers have for decades deemed it a special honour to author door handles for us. Join with us in a world of virtually limitless opportunities and you, too, can put your wishes to practical effect. Our range is the most comprehensive stocked by any makers of architectural hardware. Our new "FSB Handmade” offering now allows you to fulfil even those wishes that were hitherto unrealisable. You might,...

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Invariably unique – whether one-off or serial. Whatever the type of premises involved – period flat, doctor’s surgery etc. – you can put your product idea to effect with us and place yourself on an equal footing with luminaries such as Jasper Morrison, David Chipperfield or Christoph Ingenhoven. Reach out for virtually limitless diversity and design latitude! New for old FSB is at home in all epochs and styles. Get together with us to develop products that inject fresh verve into period structures. FSB lets you take full account of conservation issues when implementing your design. Your...

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Help fashion the FSB range Taken together, our various hardware ranges are the perfect answer for all types of door and window in your building. Maybe you require a fitting for a special application that does not (yet) form part of our stock range. That's no cause for compromise! We will manufacture the product to suit for you, thus guaranteeing a consistent fit-out for all the host surfaces involved. Design follows architecture However you go about it, your ideas will come to fruition with FSB, assuming they are technically feasible. Making a reality of just the right design for a given...

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Putting your ideas to material effect. We exclusively work high-quality, durable, proven metals that either retain their natural looks or are lastingly stained or coated. There are more than 20 different combinations of materials and finishes to choose from – shown here citing an illustrative door-lever model – so as to ensure a perfect match for your interior. Aluminium – on-corroding lightweight metal with n a long service life – pure smelted alloys as per DIN 1725 – diverse stains and finish Smooth anodised finishes Blasted velvet-matt finish Smooth powder-coated finishes (RAL colours)...

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Stainless Steel – corrosion-resistant and easy-care – igh-quality nickel chromium steel, h Material No. 1.4301 as per DIN 17440 – ne matt variant with unmistakeably fi linear brushed effect – n a polished variant as an environmeni tally-conscious alternative – impervious to bumps and scratches – opper-zinc alloy CuZn37 as per DIN c 17660 – lassy material that sets points of focus c in select residential ventures – atural patina, optional Lacquered or n Waxed finishes as a precaution against corrosion – opper-tin alloy comprising 92 % copper c and 8 % tin – 9.9 % of bacteria destroyed within...

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Nieheimer Straße 38 33034 Brakel Germany Phone +49 5272 608-0 www.fsb.de · info@fsb.de 004 0498 00410 9001 · 03 | 2019 · All details subject to modification Franz Schneider Brakel GmbH + Co K

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