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FSB ErgoSystem® + METRIC ® A life of barrier-free comfort

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FSB and SSF have assumed a pioneering role worldwide by issuing Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) pursuant to ISO 14 025 and EN 15 804 for specific materials and across different ranges. Find out more about FSB + Sustainability at www.fsb.de/EN15804

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2 Over 135 years of handle culture 4 ErgoSystem® is the Number One choice for them all 7 One system, two variants 10 Superior in every respect Premium line in Stainless Steel 14 Materials and finishes Ergonomic, good-looking, attractively priced, in Aluminium 20 Materials and finishes 23 Definable brightness reference values 31 Heavy-duty barrier-free hardware 37 Shower and bath area 57 Washstand area and bathroom accessories 69 WC area 93 Shower and bath area 136 Information signs | Pictograms 138 Assembly and fixing methods and planning advice 145 Bearings for...

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FSB ErgoSystem® - 4

FSB is the brand for door and window hardware in “Project” buildings. Without a doubt, our being a number one choice amongst architects and project planners also has something to do with the expertise we have gathered in all aspects of “handle culture” over the past 135 years and more. Take a look back with us. 1881 Established at Iserlohn by Franz Schneider under the name of “Westfalisches Metall-werk”. Company moves to Brakel in 1908, adopting the new name of “FSB” as the acronym for Franz Schneider Brakel. Production focuses on cabinet furniture 1920s The Bauhaus defines a new conception...

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FSB ErgoSystem® - 6

Hospitals, nursing schemes, halls of residence or luxury hotels -ErgoSystem® is the Number One choice for them all Barrier freedom has long become a must for residential and nursing schemes that are up with the times. With its Ergo-System®, FSB has just the solution for the most varied of operator and client requirements. That's down to an ideal mix of design, function and value-added. The system's inclusion in top-notch hotels as well as public and private buildings is graphic proof of this. Just as you would expect from a brand whose design quality is cherished by the world's most noted...

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FSB ErgoSystem® - 8

Barrier-free ErgoSystem®. We have harnessed our architectural expertise to a system with whose aid people of all ages can structure their lives more conveniently without making any sacrifices in terms of product design.

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FSB ErgoSystem® - 9

ErgoSystem® E300 and A100: One system, two variants Functionality, ergonomics, aesthetics: these are the three concepts underpinning the ErgoSystem®, the upshot of our applying more than 135 years of excellence in all aspects of “handle culture” to the design of barrier-free products for sanitary applications. Common to both system segments is the fundamental notion, unique to the marketplace, of a diagonally aligned, oval grip cross-section that rigorously observes the ergonomics of good grip to deliver unparalleled convenience and dependable support. We see ErgoSystem® as a...

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FSB ErgoSystem® - 11

Just right for any bathroom or WC: the ErgoSystem® E300 and A100 ranges allow completely barrier-free solutions to be incorporated into any architectural scheme and into any setting. The ErgoSystem® boasts elegant formal attributes, variants in two attractive materials, a wealth of colour combinations, top-quality workmanship “made in Brakel, Germany” and, last but not least, an incomparable product depth that leaves nothing to be desired.

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FSB ErgoSystem® - 12

ErgoSystem® E300 and A100 Superior in every respect ErgoSystem® E300 and A100 Made in Germany FSB develops and manufactures its products in Brakel Customer’s wishes paramount Bespoke solutions with custom dimensions and finishes n-house tool manufacture I Speedy and flexible production A ward-winning red dot and ICONIC AWARD to name but two; CE label pending H ands grip ovally he hardware’s unique elliptical T styling allows it to be firmly gripped with less effort For instance: ErgoSystem® E300 drop-down support rail Pages 59, 70 ff. ErgoSystem® E300 S tainless Steel Available in either a...

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FSB ErgoSystem® - 13

Comfortable to use Body-contour design with no sharp edges or nipping points and conforming to DIN 18040 H andling convenience eat sections in kind-to-the-skin S PUR and gripping volume in the backrest F lexibility Hooks into place as and when required For instance: ErgoSystem® E300 suspended seat Page 44 f. H ygiene eat section with hygiene aperture S and sealing rings around its hinge as a precaution against soiling and corrosion High loading capacity Copes with loads of up to 150 kg Safety Seat section that can be folded away to save space with end-position click-stop mechanism for safe...

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FSB ErgoSystem® - 15

ErgoSystem® E300 Premium line in Stainless Steel It is not without reason that ErgoSystem® E300 in Stainless Steel, a treat not only to the hand as it grips but also to the discerning eye, has established itself over the past ten years and more as the Number One choice amongst architects and clients who lay particular store by convenience and design. ErgoSystem® E300 is helpfully at hand without having the aura of a clinic or rehab equipment. With its timeless good looks, it will suit any bathroom architecture perfectly, enhancing levels of comfort without looking out of place. The...

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FSB ErgoSystem® - 16

ErgoSystem® E300 + METRIC® Materials and finishes In 1912, the Krupp company in Essen took out the first patents for a new material that was initially known as “Nirosta” or “V2a steel”. It soon made its mark in a wide variety of applications including container construction for the chemicals industry, structures used in the building of cars and aircraft as well as building materials and household appliances. The generic term “Stainless Steel” now embraces over 100 separate rust and acid-resistant steels. We use chromiumnickel steel bearing Material No. 1.4301 under German standard DIN 17440...

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FSB ErgoSystem® - 17

1M) Care? Easy! Builder's hardware in Stainless Steel does not really need any looking after at all. Dirt marks can be removed with a damp cloth. Should signs of rust appear on outdoor hardware or that used in chlorinated swimming baths after a while, this is what is known as flash rust, which is external in origin as opposed to emanating from within the material and can be removed with vigorous rubbing. Brackets with custom coatings FSB offers you the option of having any of the aluminium components in its Ergo-System® E300 range, which are coloured dark-grey as standard, coated to order...

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