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FSB ASL® Added benefits, flexibility and value

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Your benefit: full flexibility both in retail contexts and on site Non-directional positive mechanism spring Entrance-door sets with a symmetrical door lever handle can likewise be deployed universally! FSB ASL® – new Product Group 12 Better product for the same price* Your benefits at a glance: – “all in one” single-set packing – non-handed – concealed guide ring – spring mechanism – operates with all current handle designs – bearing fixed but free to rotate – stainless steel-reinforced base – M5 stainless steel screw fixing – 45 ° angle of rotation – rapid assembly – 20 mm door-thickness...

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Added benefits, flexibility and value: FSB ASL® – the new bearing from FSB FSB ASL® boasts impressively functional engineering together with a discreet design in which the guide ring is no longer visible! FSB ASL®: the new adaptor technology from FSB The FSB ASL® bearing sets new standards. FSB ASL® is a considerably enhanced and upgraded version of its predecessor bearing. It supersedes Product Groups 10 and 11 as the new Product Group 12 . FSB ASL® is always supplied as a set and can be universally deployed as both a “righthand” and a “lefthand” model. Whilst the standard variant for door...

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New, more efficient supply policy The new PG12 sets will be supplied in Silver Anodised Aluminium and Stainless Steel as of 1 January 2017. (FSB ASL® backplate furniture and versions in Bronze, Brass and other Anodised Colours as of 1 April 2017.) In a departure from the policy adopted hitherto, they will be supplied packed as single sets and will no longer be available as loose components. As of 1 April 2017, only the new model will be supplied. Orders recognisable as being for loose components to be assembled to form standard door lever-handle sets by the customer will be automatically...

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Product variants - Rose hardware (round + square) with PC, CH and RC keyways as well as for bathrooms - Short and long backplate furniture (oval + square) with PC, CH and RC keyways as well as for bathrooms - All variants also as lever/fixed-knob furniture - In Aluminium, Stainless Steel, Brass and Bronze Adaptor The adaptor technology adopted makes for extremely simple and rapid assembly, - because the baserose is screwed to the door leaf first, without either its cover or the handle - and additionally because it is no longer necessary to "screw past” the handle shank. Non-directional...

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Franz Schneider Brakel GmbH + Co KG l_ FSB Nieheimer StraBe 38 33034 Brakel Germany Phone +49 5272 608-0 Fax +49 5272 608-300 www.fsb.de ■ info@fsb.de 004 0498 00351 9001 ■ 1112016 ■ All details subject to modification

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