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30 years of activity and 70 years of history 70 years of history 1948 Hospital kitchen equipment 1964 Introduction of a new laundry-handling system (LHS) 1972 Kitchen equipment and washing machines Distribution of shelving and carts 1980 Development of PERSOCAR ward trolleys and PERSOFARM drug distribution system 1983 Development of PERSOLIFE the emergency trolley 1988 In France is founded 1990 Development and production of custom-made stainless steel furniture for clean rooms 1997 Europe lies in ruins after World War 2. Julius Peroni needs means for taking care of his family with 4 kids,...

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South Africa WWWWWWy^ Francehopital always had a vocation for export, both because of geographical position and its culture: our company is located in Alsace, France and South Tyrol, Italy. Francehopital has a rich and varied production, depending on functionality: from trolleys for personalized medication distribution to those for linen change in the wards; trolleys for operating rooms, for practices, for emergency rooms... it is a lineup that keeps growing to this day, adding new models and innovative solutions. For us the value of excellence comes also from the ability to listen to all...

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Solidarity projects Francehopital is among the “friend companies” Ali Daum: Cardioinfantil & Emergency The NEMO Clinical Centre in Milan (NEuroMuscular Omnicentre) is a highly specialized centre, created to respond to those affected by diseases such as ALS, SMA and muscular dystrophies. The main aim is to improve the quality of life of the patients taken care of, while also providing support and assistance to their families. Francehopital got in touch with a small non for profit organization that was put up in memory of Alexander “Ali” Daum. It helps with much needed hardware, and it helps...

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a magazine on culture and ideas for the healthcare world 5 are Winning important regional public tenders is a meaningful acknowledgment to our vision: competence, specialization, excellence and personalization. We stayed true to our nature, we kept developing our products in the best way possible, we did not follow trends or our competitors; instead we created our own area in which we are leaders. Trolleys for healthcare has been our motto for the last years, the Italian trolley by definition. Winning the public tenders (ARCA, ESTAR, ARS in Italy; UGAP in France) is a confirmation for us...

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Attention to detail, even the tiniest, is carved in our DNA. We spent so many years conceiving, designing and improving our products... and we still get the “wow effect” when we look at certain solutions and features. We are perfectly aware of the difference these details can make on users in their daily life: in the end this is exactly why we implemented them! The users of our products are used to these details, but we think that a reminder on why they are there, maybe the story behind a detail, increases the value of an object. Maybe it reminds of certain practices that are now taken for...

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a magazine on culture and ideas for the healthcare world PRECISO and TENTE’s castors PRECISO is our flagship. It has so many interesting and important features that we gave it a chapter on its own. Malva, in common English, is a plant widely used as remedy in natural medicine thanks to its strong soothing and anti-inflammatory properties. Here we deal with its castors. We had to analyze many products, and the final choice was TENTE. We equipped PRECISO with 4 large twin-wheels of very high quality: from ball-bearings to non-marking rubber… all details and features are at the top. In Italian...

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stainless steel U1I «I«HLS MOW TlliMl W This expression is a play on the famous corporate phrase “from cradle to grave”. But it refers to the design/production cycle, and not to following a customers needs for his whole life. C2C refers to a more ethical approach in production of goods. The core of the philosophy is the highest possible attention to resources consumption and respect for the environment. C2C processes are sustainable: from the birth of one generation to birth of the next, the environment and the resources of the planet are passed on. Some call it regenerative design. The aim...

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a magazine on culture and ideas for the healthcare world Thermoplastic materials Stainless steel Two antistatic castors What are antistatic castors and why do I just need 2 on certain trolleys? Electronic devices have a very bad relationship with static electricity. A single discharge can be enough to “fry” a very expensive device. In some cases (for example in a laptop) the damage can be repaired, in other cases the object has to be disposed of altogether. What happens if the device hit by this problem is a lifesaving defibrillator that has to be working at all times? If the trolley...

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Let's tackle infection control! As far back as 1800, the Hungarian doctor Ignác Fülöp Semmelweis said that washing your hands and keeping your hands clean is one of the most important preventive measures against the transmission of bacteria. Laundry bags In laundry management the most critical steps are collection and sorting of dirty linen. These are the first steps in the circuit, and also the most hazardous from the point of view of infections: it is a fact that dirty linen is a potential vehicle for bacteria. Collection of dirty linen is made with dedicated trolleys, better if made with...

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a magazine on culture and ideas for the healthcare world Dirty linen is touched only once when using wrapping bags! Clipper: a touch of colour in the world of waste collection Does CLIPPER look like any other dustbin? Maybe, or maybe not. There are many details that make CLIPPER stand out. Have you ever heard of “odorous pollution”? The problems associated with the discomfort caused by bad smells are many, some serious, others less so. But even just opening the waste bag can annoy us or even turn into a potential bacterial inhalation. WASTY, the bag holder of FH, has a foot-operated bag...

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