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Optimum - 1

Fire Retardant Furnishing Fabrics

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Optimum - 2

Optimum features 10 beautiful multi-purpose, upholstery, curtains & drapery and sheer collections.

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Optimum - 3

designed to spark creativity and help our customers deliver beautiful results. Curtains: Oracle 12-Rose Sofa seat: (left to right) Osmic 05-Linen, Osmic 09-Hay, Ossimi 16-Bamboo Green cushion: Osiris Odeon 21-Aqua Round cushion: Osiris Opulent 02-Silver This collection has been

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Optimum - 4

Wall panel & chair: Ossimi 09-Thunder

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Optimum - 5

Yellow cushion: Ouzo 09-Chartreuse Blue cushion: Ouzo 12-Teal Other cushions: Obis Osmic 0

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Optimum - 6

Chair top: Obis, Obay 10-Charcoal Chair bottom: Ouzo: 09-Chartreuse Bench: Obis Osmic 08-Crocus Cushions: (from left to right) Ossimi 08-Bison, Ossimi 18-Terra,Ossimi 16-Bison, Ossimi 19-Mandarin, Ouzo 12-Teal, Ossimi 18-Terra, Ossimi 07-Cement, Ossimi 16-Bamboo

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Optimum - 7

Chairs: Obis Obay 10-Charcoa

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Optimum - 8

“The role of the designer is that of a good, thoughtful host anticipating the needs of his guests” – Charles Eames Sheers: Oolong Ophelia, 08-Cyclone Bench: Ouzo 12-Teal Seats: Obis Obay 11-Storm, Odeon 19-Teal Cushions: Odeon 24-Terra, Odeon 25-Sie

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Optimum - 9

Chairs: Obis Obay 11-Storm, Obis Odeon 19-Teal Care & aeti The inherent nature of FR-One ensures durability, safety, and permanency combine to create fabric that is hardwearing, fully washable, and conform to worldwide safety standards.

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Optimum - 10

FR-One fabrics, which are rigorously tested in our ISO certified independent laboratory, guarantee optimal performance. Certified under the Oeko-Tex standard 100, FR-One is safe for Curtains left: Osian Obduce 01-Aluminium Curtains right: Ole Odin 05-Navy, Ole Orb 05-Night the environment and human health.

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Optimum - 11

Curtains left: Osian Obduce 10-Terra Curtains right: Osian Ombre 05-Copper Chair: Osiris Odeon 25-Sienna Sofa: Osiris Odeon 21-Aqua Cushion: Osiris Odeon 24-Terra FR-One's Fast Track range is our promise of expedient delivery. A collection of trusted essentials, this range is immediately available for order and delivery.

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Optimum - 12

Grey cushion: Oblix Objet 03-Charcoal Curtain: Oblix Opportune 01-Balsam Pink cushion: Osiris Opulent 14-Mauve Blue cushion: Osiris Odeon 19

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Optimum - 13

From project inception, our ambition is to be your partner of choice. Let us inspire, create, collaborate, Curtains left: Oolong Oxidant 07-Aluminium Curtains right: Oblix Objet 01-Teal Chairs: Osiris Odeon 21-Aqua Cushion: Oblix Opal-01-Duckegg

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Optimum - 14

IMO/MED CERTIFIED Curtains: Oracle 12-Rose Sofa: Obis Osmic 05-Linen, Osmic 09-Hay, Ossimi 16-Bamboo Cushion: Osiris Odeon 24-Terra Chairs: Osiris Odeon 19-Teal, Obis Osmic 08-Crocus

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