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© 2014 The Diller Corporation. Formica, the Formica Anvil Device, VIVIX and Younique are registered trademarks of The Diller Corporation. MAS/ENG - 12/2014 FREEDOM IS FINALLY YOURS

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FREEDOM TO CHOOSE At last you have the freedom to dream and to create, using images, drawings, shapes and colours, bringing endless possibilities to your designs. Younique® by Formica Group brings you a one-of-a-kind service that enables you to design a laminate and fully integrate patterns, logos, photographs, or graphics into your project design, creation and installation. NOW YOU CAN: CHOOSE WHAT, CHOOSE WHERE, CHOOSE HOW. With the Younique service, freedom is finally yours.

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Set your imagination free. Younique® offers you endless solutions to create customised and personalised environments, with all the advantages of Formica® Laminate. An inspiring photo, fun drawings, custom messaging or a brand logo. Anything is possible creating spaces that are all your own.

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FREEDOM TO ENERGISE Give your environments a burst of energy. With Younique® you can bring your most vivid ideas to life, creating spaces where pure energy transcends from your surfaces into everyday living.

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For interiors or exteriors of buildings, on vertical or horizontal applications, for furniture or on a huge wall, you only have to choose where. Thanks to Younique®, any application is possible. Project your dreams onto exterior facades, residential or commercial. Inspire your indoor spaces with one of a kind walls, doors, furniture pieces or washrooms. Even create retail displays to help you or your clients portray their brands. _ _* Completely customised, singular environments can be fresh and exciting with Younique laminates.

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Younique® allows you to combine unlimited creativity with all the high performance properties of Formica® Laminate. · Resistance to vandalism · Thermal resistance · Moisture resistance · Fire resistance · Abrasion and scratch resistance · Resistance to colour fading · Ease of cleanliness and maintenance · Cost effective with long life expectancy A high quality, durable solut

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FREEDOM ■ MADE EASY For your convenience Formica Group takes care of the entire process, offering great ease for projects: from file sharing, sample approval, the printing process, to manufacturing and installation guidance of the panels.

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Younique® utilises the latest in print technologies to deliver optimum visual replication of your designs and original artworks. Access to both digital and silk-screen prints is another advantage provided by Formica Group. Our team will advise you on the best printing options according to your project needs for image optimisation and the most economical solution on a project-by-project basis. DIGITAL PRINTING Ideal for photographic, detailed or multicoloured projects or for small run production with no set-up costs and ease of translation from file to print. File transfer is made easy via...

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Technical information Younique® DESIGN A LAMINATE by FORMICA GROUP Younique® by Formica Group is a High Pressure Laminate with a customised, printed image as its decorative face. The printed image in Younique laminates is incorporated in the laminate structure and not just printed on the surface; this affords a much greater resistance to damage and ease of maintenance. Younique laminates can be either single sided, thin High Pressure Laminate, or Compact in single sided or double sided format in varying thicknesses and textures. All Younique projects are priced on volume and complexity. For...

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Guidelines 2 WEEKS Files transfer, samples and approval 5 WEEKS Laminate manufacturing excluding delivery 1. File sharing - Artwork supply guidelines Image sharing: All files should be submitted via our Younique® landing page: For assistance please contact the Younique service team at Format Requirements: - Artwork is preferred from the Adobe Suite in .eps .ai .indd .tiff .psd formats. - All relevant links and fonts of original artwork files are required. - Raster (image) artwork is required in .tiff format. - Artwork should be submitted in CMYK, if not...

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Technical information 4. QUALITY CONTROL The Younique® service team is available at all times to ensure the smoothest processing of all projects. Advice is available on matters from file creation or resourcing, to product requirements and applications. Some considerations to keep in mind: ALTERATIONS your artwork requires alteration, please contact the Younique support team at - If - Production time may increase if guidelines are not adhered to. - We reserve the right to charge for additional artwork time where appropriate, any such costs will be authorised before...

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MAS/ENG - 2/2015 Formica, the Formica Anvil Device, VIVIX and Younique are registered trademarks of The Diller Corporation. © 2015 The Diller Corporation.

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