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VIVIX® - 3

In your hands is the latest in lightweight, exterior surfacing by Formica Group. The innovative, high quality, practical and durable solution for all your projects. Be the architect who envisions with the heart and creates with the mind. Unleash your imagination. Be fresh, authentic, demanding. Be creative. Be VIVIX. A FRESH PERSPECTIVE IN ARCHITECTURAL PANELS by FORMICA GROUP

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VIVIX® - 4

KRISTIANSAND AIRPORT PROJECT: air traffic control tower LOCATION: Kjevik, Norway DESIGNER: Archus Architects and Wiig og Horgmo Architects MATERIAL: VIVIX® F7912 Storm APPLICATION: control tower cladding “VIVIX panels are the ideal solution for this project. The panels are easily machined and can be cut into a variety of shapes and sizes. The control towers are at least 30 metres above ground; the material we used for cladding had to be lightweight for ease of installation and safety as well as versatile and flexible to allow us to realize the design concept.” Roald Bakke Architect

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VIVIX® - 5

“VIVIX panels proved ideal thanks to the colour choice, versatility, durability and quality offered.” Tor Henrik Somme Architect Kristiansand Airport control tower. Archus Architects & Wiig og Horgmo Architects. Norway.

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VIVIX® - 7

be INNOVATIVE VIVIX® architectural panels by Formica Group are solid, lightweight, compact exterior façade panels with a decorative surface on both sides. An innovative solution composed of thermosetting resins, reinforced with cellulose fibre for its superior strength and durability, enabling the construction of any architectural envelope: · Office and commercial buildings · Hospitals and clinics · Schools and Universities · Transportation centres · Industrial buildings · Cultural, sports and leisure facilities · Residential buildings · Hotels Espai Ridaura multi-purpose facility. Capella...

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VIVIX® - 9

ESPAI RIDAURA PROJECT: multi-purpose facility LOCATION: Girona, Spain DESIGNER: Capella García Arquitectura MATERIAL: VIVIX® F0163 Fantasía Marrón APPLICATION: building entrance canopy cladding “The exceptional feature of this building is its unique entrance with a stunning overhang measuring almost 20 metres. In order to bring this element to life architecturally, we needed to select a material that would be ideal for both interior and exterior applications, being resistant as well as lightweight, given that a bulkier material would challenge the gracefulness of the structure. We decided...

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VIVIX® - 10

The exceptional characteristics of VIVIX® panels make this product a versatile solution, with simple installation and maintenance, improving the look, performance and durability of any building: • VIVIX panels are resistant to impact and abrasion. • VIVIX panels are UV and weather resistant and have been rigorously tested for severe use in accordance with EN 438-6&7. • Available in an array of colours and patterns attuned to contemporary architecture and design. • VIVIX panels are easily machined and can be cut into a variety of shapes and sizes to express virtually ■ Panels can be field...

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VIVIX® - 11

“The overall concept was to marry in the rigid form with natural materials using stone and timber. However, the challenge of using timber was the maintenance and durability of the material; we therefore chose VIVIX® panels as they not only exceeded our aesthetics and performance specifications; the maintenance costs have significantly been reduced for the end user.” Gavin Veeran Architect SAINT JAMES’S HOSPITAL PROJECT: University teaching hospital LOCATION: Dublin, Ireland DESIGNER: Equator Architects Ireland Ltd. MATERIAL: VIVIX® F5513 Redwood APPLICATION: façade cladding Saint James’s...

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VIVIX® - 12

FRESH VIVIX® panels offer different types of solutions for façade cladding with a variety of fixing systems: · simple fixing systems of timber battens · proprietary metal or aluminum fixing systems with visible face-fixing or by concealed fixing arrangements The VENTILATED FAÇADE is based on an air chamber between the inner structure and the outer cladding skin, allowing continuous ventilation in the interior of the cavity, improving thermal protection and stability. The building is protected from the effects of atmospheric conditions. During the summer a constant renewal of fresh air...

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VIVIX® - 13

Another key advantage is the RAINSCREEN PRINCIPLE. The outer cladding acts as a protective screen against rain and snow. In addition, air that runs through the chamber evaporates moisture, keeping the building dry and insulated, avoiding the adverse effects of moisture on building finishes and structural components. Lakua-Arriaga health clinic. Gerardo Zarrabeitia. Spain.

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VIVIX® - 15

LAKUA-ARRIAGA HEALTH CLINIC PROJECT: health services building LOCATION: Vitoria-Gasteiz, Spain DESIGNER: Gerardo Zarrabeitia MATERIAL: VIVIX® K1238 Carnaval APPLICATION: façade cladding “The health services building consists of two adjoining buildings with a façade of more than 1,000 square metres in total. We chose VIVIX exterior panels for the project because, in addition to being aesthetically attractive, VIVIX panels offered us a number of practical advantages: maximum resistance to impact, moisture, weather and ultraviolet rays, along with carefree maintenance.” Gerardo Zarrabeitia...

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VIVIX® - 16

DEMANDING VIVIX® panels, complying with EN438:2005, provide quality solutions for any architectural cladding need. When conditions are demanding VIVIX responds with its 10-year guarantee.

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VIVIX® - 17

Keilaranta office building. Arkton Arkkitehdit Oy. Finland.

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VIVIX® - 18

KEILARANTA 1 PROJECT: eco-efficient office building LOCATION: Espoo, Finland DESIGNER: Arkton Arkkitehdit Oy MATERIAL: VIVIX® F7851 Spectrum Blue VIVIX® F2253 Diamond Black APPLICATION: façade cladding “An important starting point in the design of the new Keilaranta 1 building was efficient use of space, offering versatile opportunities. In the implementation of the project, environmental friendliness also played a significant role. Our aim was for the property to reach the LEED® Platinum certification level, which it did. We chose VIVIX for the façade with it being environmentally friendly...

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