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Product Data Sheet for VIVIX® by Formica Group High Pressure Laminates (HPL)

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This information describes the composition of VIVIX® HPL and gives advice for their handling, processing, use and covers all VIVIX HPL grades as detailed In VIVIX sales promotion materials. HPL are not classified as hazardous substances and therefore they do not require a special marking nor a description by a safety data sheet. 3. Handling and Machining of VIVIX HPL 4. Environmental and Health Aspects in Use 6. VIVIX HPL in Fire Situations

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Product Data Sheet for Vivix® by Formica Group The materials referred to are high pressure decorative laminates (HPL) according to the European Standard VIVIX® HPL are sheets consisting of layers of cellulose fibrous material (normally paper) Impregnated with thermosetting resins and bonded together In a high pressure process. The process, defined as a simultaneous application of heat (>120°C) and high specific pressure(> 5 M Pa), provides flowing and subsequent curing of the thermosetting resins to obtain a homogenous non-porous material (> 1,35 g/cm3) with the required surface finish....

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VIVIX1' H PL is an article and not a chemical substance and therefore REACh does not apply. Nevertheless It Is Important to ensure an information exchange with the raw material suppliers on REACh relevant substance As VIVIX HPL do not suffer from corrosion and oxidation, they do not need any further surface protection 6. Vivx HPL in Fire Situations VIVIX laminates are difficult to ignite and have properties that retard "spread of flame", thus prolonging evacuating time. Due to Incomplete burning, as with many organic materials, hazardous substances are to be found in the smoke. However,...

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Product Data Sheet for Vivix® by Formica Group VIVIX H PL do not contain toxic compounds of antimony, Heavy metals, barium, cadmium, chromium1", chromlumvl, lead, mercury, selenium. 9.2. Stability and reactivity data VIVIX HPL are stable; they are not considered to be Acid and alkaline solutions \ 9.3. Fire and explosion data Possible above 250°C. Depending on the burning conditions (temperature, amount of oxygen, etc.) toxic gases may be emitted, e. g. carbon monoxide, carbon dioxide, ammonia. VIVIX HPL are classified safe when tested according to VIVIX HPL are classified F2 when tested...

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9.3.9. Protection against explosion and fire adequate ventilation must be observed to avoid airborne dust concentration. Dust levels should be kept below 60 mg/m3 In the case of fire, VIVIX" HPL shall be treated as wood based materials. 9.4. Electrostatic behaviour It minimizes the generation of charge by contact- separation or rubbing with another material. It does not need to be earthed. Surface resistivity is between 109 - 1012 ohms and a chargeablllty of V < 2 kV according to CEI EC 61340-4-1 so that VIVIX HPL are considered 9.5. Storage and transport VIVIX HPL are classified as...

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Product Data Sheet for Vivix® by Formica Group For further information please contact: • UK, Ireland & Central Europe Technical Manager, Formica Group, Coast Road, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE29 8RE. Tel:+44 (0)191 259 3100. E-mail: • Northern Europe (Scandinavia, Finland, Poland, Russia and the Baltics) Technical Manager, Formica Group, Iki Oy, 35990 Kolho, Finland. Tel:+ 358 (0)3 5800 200. • Southern Europe & France Technical Manager, Formica Group, C/Txomln Egileor, 54,48960 Galdako (Blzkaia), Bilbao, Spain. Technical Manager, Formica Group, Apartado de Correos,...

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