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VIVIX® Lap - 2

VIVIX* Lap HIGH PERFORMANCE WEATHERBOARD by FORMICA GROUP VIVIX Lap® by Formica Group is an advanced exterior cladding product that creates great looking facades, offers outstanding weather protection, is quick and easy to install and requires little maintenance. Taking inspiration from traditional timber weatherboard cladding, VIVIX Lap is an overlap cladding system that utilises modern, lightweight, highly engineered planks. Vivix Lap planks remove the need for coatings or treatments, edge sealing or painting, that are typically associated with wood and other cladding materials. Perfectly...

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VIVIX® Lap - 4

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VIVIX® Lap - 5

VIVIX® Lap HIGH PERFORMANCE WEATHERBOARD High performance cladding, whatever the weather

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VIVIX® Lap - 6

Weatherboard cladding that performs all year round Winter, spring, summer, autumn… VIVIX® Lap cladding loves all of the seasons and performs in all weather conditions. Utilising the ‘Rainscreen Principle’, VIVIX Lap is an overlap cladding system that incorporates a ventilated cavity, providing continual movement of air within the system to regulate temperature and aid in moisture evaporation and drainage. The ‘Rainscreen Principle’: Cladding acts as a protective screen against the elements • The system incorporates an air cavity between the building wall and external cladding • The system...

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VIVIX® Lap - 7

Features and benefits UV and weather resistant ETAG034 accelerated weathering tested, showing no deterioration. Simulation subjected the system to heat/cold cycles ranging from -20 to +70° C* Does not rot and is resistant to mold Impact and abrasion resistant Highly resilient to cracking and chipping Practically maintenance free 10-year warranty Euroclass B-s1, d0 Fire Retardant Certificate in accordance with European regulation EN 13501-1 System withstands both positive and negative wind loads as tested to the CWCT standard for building envelopes, in test exceeding wind speeds of 500mph* *...

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VIVIX® Lap - 8

VIVIX* Lap HIGH PERFORMANCE WEATHERBOARD by FORMICA GROUP The cladding choice for installers The VIVIX® Lap weatherboard system has been designed to make installation as quick and simple as possible. VIVIX Lap planks are lightweight and therefore easy to manoeuvre into position and fix. Planks can be easily site modified with minimal dust or mess. The installation process couldn't be simpler, just cut to size, drill and fix planks in place. Unlike many other cladding materials, VIVIX Lap planks require no pre or post installation treatments or sealants, which not only speeds up...

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VIVIX® Lap - 9

Features and benefits Pre-cut planks for quick installation Lightweight planks (4.6Kg per plank) compared to other cladding materials FSC® certified laminates Made in Britain Simple drill and screw fix mechanism for fast fitting Ability to cut/modify planks as needed on site Minimal dust and mess created during cutting and installation process No sealants or painting required Complementary profiles, trims and colour-matched screws available to achieve the perfect finish Option to install on timber or metal framing Additional insulation can be built into the system to improve a buildings...

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VIVIX® Lap - 10

VIVIX* Lap HIGH PERFORMANCE WEATHERBOARD by FORMICA GROUP A versatile cladding solution to transform any facade The characteristics of VIVIX® Lap make it a highly usable system whatever the building type. It is a very cost effective method for over cladding older buildings, giving them a fresh appearance and greater appeal, while also enhancing the buildings performance and resistance to the elements. On new build developments, VIVIX Lap can be designed into the scheme, to clad either the full facade or create design features, alongside complementary materials such as brick, render and...

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VIVIX® Lap - 13

Sienna Cumaru Marron Cumaru Barn Oak

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VIVIX® Lap - 14

Finishing touches VIVIX® Lap planks, screws, profiles, trims and tools Powder coated profiles and screws are offered to provide the perfect finishing touch. Please note, powder coated colours are complementary to the VIVIX® Lap decors, they are not exact matches. Available decors VIVIX® Lap Planks 2990 x 180 x 6mm EDF Grade 4 planks per pack Available colours Aluminium Horizontal Starter Profile 2990 x 30/30 x 5mm Anodised Black Available colours Aluminium Internal Corner Profile 3000 x 25 x 35mm Available colours Aluminium External Corner Profile 3000 x 25 x 40mm Available colours...

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VIVIX® Lap - 15

Aluminium Perforated Closure Available colours Available colours Stainless Steel Screw to Wood (A4 grade) 28 (l) x 4.3 (d) x 9.5mm (head dia.) 100 screws + Torx bit Available colours Stainless Steel Screw to Metal (A4 grade) 25 (l) x 4.2 (d) x 9.5mm (head dia.) 100 screws + Torx bit Drill Bit for Fixed Points 4.3mm diameter Drill Bit for Sliding Points 6.5mm diameter Available colours EPDM/Joint Gasket Self Adhesive 25m roll (l) x 50mm (w) 25m roll (l) x 105mm (w)

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VIVIX® Lap - 16

HIGH PERFORMANCE WEATHERBOARD by FORMICA GROUP Weatherboard system is made up of the following elements: Substructure, which transmits load to the structural wall (Timber battens/ Steel frames) Breathable waterproof membrane Air cavity Thermal insulation (if required) Perforated Closure Horizontal Starter Profile EPDM Gasket External Corner Profile Internal Corner Profile Edge Profile Lap Joint Profile VIVIX® Lap planks Plank fixing screws

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VIVIX® Lap - 18

Plan to succeed A variety of cladding arrangements are possible with VIVIX® Lap planks. Straight Joint Arrangement Semi Pattern Arrangement Random Arrangement It is recommended in advance of installation, to create a cladding plan. This will help to calculate framing requirements, location of fixing points and quantities of cladding planks, fixings and finishing profiles required. Order all required materials well in advance of installation, to ensure availability in the right quantity of all relevant materials. Consideration needs to be given to local circumstances, for example building...

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