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Dramatic / Functional / Desirable / Affordable

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Experience the TrueScale of nature

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TRUESCALE by FORMICA GROUP To create TrueScale laminates, our design team worked closely with experts to identify and select objects of nature that would support our concept of vastly increased pattern repeat in our laminates, and offer decors identical to nature in aspects such as grain, colour and scale. Once the granite, stone and wood samples had been selected we took our idea to the professionals - architects and designers - carrying out extensive research to validate and confirm the position and attractiveness of TrueScale laminate in the market. Sophisticated digital scanning and...

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TRUESCALE by FORMICA GROUP Why choose TrueScale by Formica Group? A premium look that’s cost effective With TrueScale laminates you can design luxurious spaces and create the same dramatic effects offered by natural materials, at a fraction of the associated cost. A robust and enduring product TrueScale laminates capture the delicate beauty of nature and are manufactured to withstand high traffic use in any commercial project. Easy to work with Create impressive sweeping curves or monolithic slabs of marble with TrueScale laminates. It's a product that is light, flexible, formable,...

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No repeat across the width Repeating section* Design possibilities on a grand scale TrueScale laminates utilise the latest high definition printing techniques to create large, true to life prints. Capturing the majesty and drama of luxurious stones and rich Wood grains, there is no print repeat across the width of the sheet, allowing marble veining and unique wood planking to flow uninterrupted. Without the repetition of standard laminates, TrueScale designs are so realistic, mirroring the exact characteristics of natural materials and presenting design possibilities on a grand scale....

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TRUESCALE by FORMICA GROUP Powerful designs direct from nature TrueScale by Formica Group captures the visual drama of the natural world, presenting the next generation of stone and wood laminates. Striking true to scale patterns, incredible detail and vibrant colours, combined with the practical attributes of high pressure laminate, this is a surfacing material that demands attention.

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Challenge your expectations Formica Group has long been at the forefront of innovation in laminate production and TrueScale embodies our commitment to providing exceptional, cost-effective laminates to architects, specifiers and fabricators. Texture provides an extra dimension to any surface and presents an important tactile experience for those who interact with it. To enhance the authenticity of TrueScale laminates, we have partnered specific premium surface finishes, ranging from brushed to highly polished stones and deep wood structures, with each True Scale design. It’s time to take a...

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A multi-use laminate with extensive capabilities On many projects cladding large areas with heavy and expensive granites and marble would not be practical or feasible. TrueScale laminate is suitable for use in a wide range of commercial applications across the hospitality, leisure and retail sectors. It’s the perfect blend of desirable aesthetics and superior functionality.

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Designed by nature, expertly crafted by Formica Group

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Exceptiona interiors fo everyday places

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TRUESCALE by FORMICA GROUP Sleek and stylish hospitality High-end hospitality requires finishes that inspire and surfaces that endure. TrueScale by Formica Group delivers both. From hardy table tops to stunning wall panel backdrops, use TrueScale laminate to craft bespoke interiors that will offer a luxurious finish to hotels, restaurants, clubs and bars.

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Interiors that pack a punch Use TrueScale laminate in interior spaces to create contemporary, bold designs that are uplifting and inviting. From grand reception areas to minimalist sports environments and modern eating spaces. Formica Group’s TrueScale laminate combines intense visuals with easy-cleaning, low maintenance design.

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Reoepfion Ftxrt Area Spa Gym Siairs/Lift

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Forever fashionable retail spaces Using TrueScale laminate in retail environments can create a unique customer experience without the expense and the difficulties associated with marble, granite and real wood, such as extra reinforcements for weight and high risk of damage. Deliver stunning product backdrops which stretch from entrance to storeroom with ease. Typical retail applications include cash desks, point of sale, wall paneling, retail shelving, plinths, column casings and changing rooms.

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Full Range Full sheet decor scan (3050 x 1300mm sheet size) Take a closer look

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Full sheet decor scan (3050 x 1300mm sheet size) Take a closer look

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Full Range Full sheet decor scan (3050 x 1300mm sheet size) Take a closer look

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Full sheet decor scan (3050 x 1300mm sheet size) Take a closer look

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Full Range Full sheet decor scan (3050 x 1300mm sheet size) Take a closer look

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Truescale - 27

Full sheet decor scan (3050 x 1300mm sheet size) Take a closer look

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Full Range Full sheet decor scan (3050 x 1300mm sheet size) Take a closer look

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AR Plus® Gloss Superior abrasion resistant high gloss is the perfect finish for luxurious, polished granites and marbles. Honed A low sheen highly tactile finish that emulates the look and feel of matt stone, combined with on trend concrete and soapstone to stunning effect. Etchings A softly polished and etched surface dappled with highlights from tiny factures and fissures reminiscent to those found in granite and stone. Satin NDF Satin NDF is totally smooth, not textured, with a low light reflection and inspired by natural, unpolished marble. Puregrain A timeless yet unique interpretation...

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TRUESCALE by FORMICA GROUP Dolce Vita Bianca Luna Crema Mascarello Silver Nacarado Ivory Nacarado Breccia Paradiso Travertine Silver Soapstone Sequoia Calacatta Marble Slate Sequoia Golden Mascarello Antique Mascarello Blue Storm Jet Sequoia Dolce Macchiato Bark Microplank Concrete Formwood Elemental Ash Weathered Beamwood Seasoned Planked Elm Elemental Concrete Elemental Corten Elemental Graphite Salvaged Planked Elm Marbled Cappuccino Ferro Grafite Oxidised Beamwood Nero Grafite AR Plus® Gloss Satin NDF AR Plus® Gloss Satin NDF Satin NDF AR Plus® Gloss AR Plus® Gloss Honed AR Plus® Gloss...

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