SurfaceSet® 2022


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SurfaceSet® 2022 - 1

With twenty new designs and two new textures, this meticulously curated collection is optimistic and marks a new era of commercial design. We’re proud to empower designers with new tools to usher in a bright new future.

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SurfaceSet® 2022 - 2

FORMICA CORPORATION THE STORY. SurfaceSet ® is inspired by a collective metamorphosis. We are passionate about creating commercial surfacing solutions that speak to the needs of commercial designers after the seismic cultural shifts we’ve all experienced over the past few years

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SurfaceSet® 2022 - 3

S OLID COLOR S Four new solid colors fill in the portfolio to allow for ‘gradation of color’ plus respond to growing trends.

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SurfaceSet® 2022 - 6

PAT TERNS Ten new pattern designs were created using unique hands-on material processes explored by the design staff: paper, papery birch bark, brushing and linen cloth. Patterns that are nature inspired and work as color carriers surveyed strong in white, naturals, neutrals, terra cotta, organic greens and fresh blues.

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SurfaceSet® 2022 - 7

BRU SH STROKE The simple process of painting a surface was inspiration for the Brushstroke design, creating a warm abstracted minimal version of a woodgrain visual. An alternative, creative way to represent woodgrains on furniture and case goods.

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SurfaceSet® 2022 - 8

CLOTH A ‘broken twill’ weave, the Cloth design has a subtle herringbone, combined with a linear quality that brings the familiarity of fabric with all the cleanability benefits of laminate. 8683-58 GLASS CLO

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SurfaceSet® 2022 - 9

PAP ERFOLD A counterpoint to today’s digital world, paper is a common surface as everyone since childhood has crumpled up paper and flattened it. Hand crumpled paper became the original manuscript for the Paperfold design. A usable color carrier design that is intuitive and familiar, Paperfold is an excellent horizontal surface for tables and work surfaces. 8679-58 ORIGAMI PAPERFOLD

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SurfaceSet® 2022 - 10

BIRCHBARK A biophilic white option for interiors, Birchbark is a way to bring nature inspiration. Birch that was colored by its surroundings and age was scanned, styled and printed to be used as a familiar backdrop. inside. This design was created by literally ‘taking a walk’ in the woods for

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SurfaceSet® 2022 - 11

WO OD G RAINS Six new wood designs offer warm stain options in familiar species for modern interiors. Clean veneer layouts with modernized stain colors surveyed best in Walnut and Rift Oaks.

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SurfaceSet® 2022 - 12

RIFT OAK A straight grain white oak with flecking yet no visible planking, the Rift Oak layout is usable and trend worthy for the minimalist hygge interiors. The unprocessed oak effect is enhanced naturally with the new Oiled Wood (-26) texture.

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SurfaceSet® 2022 - 13

WALNUT An elegant, slightly planked veneer layout, this classic Walnut is modernized with updated stain colors and the new Oiled Wood (-26) texture. 6994-26 CERUSE GRAY WALNUT

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SurfaceSet® 2022 - 14

MANG O Luxurious grey, beige and wood tone coloring.

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SurfaceSet® 2022 - 15

-26 OILED WO OD A low luster, natural finish, the Oiled Wood texture has delicate open-pore ticking in a casual, non-linear layout. Select veneers from the walnut and pecan family were used for the exclusive grain layout.

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