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Formica Ligna® - 3

wood for your projects, good for you Presenting Formica Ligna®, real wood veneer surfaces for creating sophisticated, warm, high quality environments. An exceptional product for interior, vertical applications due to its manufacturing process, innovative and sustainable, with a broad range of four woods families including more than 30 designs and exclusive finishes. If you are looking for the beauty of real wood for your projects without sacrificing the advantages and properties of Formica® high pressure laminate, Formica Ligna is for you.

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Formica Ligna® - 4

Formica Ligna® is a decorative laminate which incorporates a real wood veneer. A product with a genuine wood surface with greater durability than a conventional veneer and the ease of handling and application of Formica® high-pressure laminate.

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Formica Ligna® - 5

· Greater consistency in colour, grain and size for superb matching qualities · Ideal for long runs and series applications such as wall lining · A wide variety in visuals, spanning from natural to original effects · Consistent sheet size and composition for ease of handling · Completely pre-finished, making for simple on-site application · Less waste in fabrication and application with none of the jointing or stitching necessary with conventionel veneers · An environmentally friendly process providing maximum yield from raw materials

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Formica Ligna® - 6

environment Bring all your projects to life with veneers made of real wood and free from harmful impact on the environment. The material used to produce the new Formica Ligna® range is selected from carefully managed forests including environmentally appropriate practices which are economically viable and beneficial to society. By using timber sources such as Poplar, Ayous and Koto woods, Formica Ligna offers sustainable alternatives to exotic wood veneers, avoiding sacrificing endangered species.

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Formica Ligna® - 7

FSC ® Chain of Custody FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) Chain of Custody certification is awarded to companies that manufacture, process or trade in timber and non-timber forest products. Formica Group has achieved FSC Chain of Custody certification across its global manufacturing facilities. The intent of Chain of Custody is to trace the wood source through the production chain to the finished product, which in turn enables consumers to identify and choose products that support responsible forest management. The Formica Ligna® laminate range is available certified as FSC 40% mix.

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Formica Ligna® - 9

1. Veneers are rotary-peeled from logs, providing maximum yield. 2. Veneers are sliced into sheets. 3. Veneers are vat-dyed in non-toxic water-based solution. 4. Vat-dyed sheets of veneer are collated with transparent glue between each sheet. a sustainable process from start to finish 5. Collated, glued sheets are inserted into a press outfitted with CAD-designed moulds and are pressed under enormous heat and pressure, fusing them into new blocks. 6. Blocks are cut to produce new sheets of veneer, patterned by the angle of cut and the contours of the block. 7. Veneers are bonded to phenolic...

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Formica Ligna® - 10

wood for natural environments

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Formica Ligna® - 11

An alternative to solid wood, Formica Ligna® is the natural solution for creating all types of spaces. For offices, hotels, homes... Formica Ligna perfectly combines its commitment to the environment, technology and design to bring to life warm and comfortable, timeless and superb quality spaces.

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Formica Ligna® - 13

When you want the distinction and sophistication that only wood can bring, Formica Ligna® is the perfect solution. For residential and business, you don´t have to give up elegance to create warm, inviting environments.

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Formica Ligna® - 14

wood for beautiful environments

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Formica Ligna® - 15

Public spaces such as libraries, conference rooms, lifts... places that can seem cold and impersonal are transformed into attractive, intimate and inviting environments thanks to the wide range of Formica Ligna® designs.

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Formica Ligna® - 16

wood for unique environments

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Formica Ligna® - 17

In auditoriums, restaurants, cruise ships and yachts, Formica Ligna® is the perfect material for vertical applications, bringing you both luxury and practicality.

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Formica Ligna® - 19

choosing Formica Ligna® has 32 designs grouped into four families. An exclusive range of designs, from the most classic vertical grains to exotic and original wood textures. A modern wood interpretation, that attracts with its elegant ultra-thin stripes and comes in 5 up-to-date colourways. straight grain The straight grains are the classic re-engineered wood design - being timeless and stylish at the same time, they are the base and core of any design project. Wood crowns give an extra sense of realism - here in a beautiful range of rich wood tones inspired by nature. Designs of exotic...

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Formica Ligna® - 21

V8419 Grained™ V8419 Chiselled™ V8395 Grained™ V8395 Chiselled™ Koto Fino Koto Fino Buff Fino Buff Fino V8396 Grained™ V8396 Chiselled™ V8420 Grained™ V8420 Chiselled™ Grigio Fino Grigio Fino Noce Fino Noce Fino V8397 Nero Fino Grained™ V8397 Nero Fino Chiselled™ Printed samples are shown at approximately 1:2 scale.

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Formica Ligna® - 22


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Formica Ligna® - 23

V8398 Matte™ V8398 Chiselled™ V8417 Washed Oak Grained™ Messina Rigato Messina Rigato V8400 Matte™ V8400 Chiselled™ V8401 Matte™ V8401 Chiselled™ Savona Rigato Savona Rigato Sublime Ash Sublime Ash Printed samples are shown at approximately 1:2 scale.

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Formica Ligna® - 25

V8402 Matte™ V8402 Gloss™ V8408 Rio Mahogany Gloss™ Halcyon Crown Halcyon Crown V8405 Siena Crown Matte™ V8406 Weathered Walnut Matte™ Printed samples are shown at approximately 1:2 scale.

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Formica Ligna® - 27

V8409 Wild Pecan Matte™ V8414 Ebano Medio Gloss" V8421 Zingana Argento Grained™ V8412 Como Rigato Matte™ Printed samples are shown at approximately 1:2 scale.

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Formica Ligna® - 28

Formica Ligna® NATURAL WOOD SURFACING by FORMICA GROUP V8419 Koto Fino V8395 Buff Fino V8420 Noce Fino Full size sheets

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Formica Ligna® - 29

Woodgrain structures

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Formica Ligna® - 30

Full size sheets are available in 3050 x 1220 mm and are shown here at approximately 1:24 and 1:12 scales.

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