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Product Data Sheet 1. Description Formica Ligna® is a decorative laminate that incorporates a real wood veneer surface. The laminates feature a genuine wood surface, but with greater durability and consistency than a conventional veneer and the ease of handling and application of Formica® high-pressure laminate. Formica Ligna laminates are available in a variety of grades, decors and surface finishes. They are pre-finished with lacquer or melamine and require no further surface treatment. Please refer to the published range information for further details. All laminates are supplied with a...

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Product Data Sheet 5. Care and Maintenance Formica Ligna® laminates should be treated in the same way as fine wood furniture and may be cleaned with a damp cloth and mild detergent. Do not use polishes, waxes or any acid based cleaners on any Formica Ligna surface. Formica Ligna laminates will withstand moderate heat but should not be used as a kitchen work surface. 6. Fire Performance Formica Ligna laminates are offered in Vertical, Standard Grade (VVS) and Vertical, Flame-retardant Grade (VVF). Fire performance for Grade VVF is assessed as follows*: Classification of resistance to fire to...

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Product Data Sheet This data sheet is designed to give you important information about Formica® Laminates. The statement as to industry standards compliance is accurate and whilst we make reasonable efforts to ensure that the other statements in this data sheet are accurate, this cannot be guaranteed and no condition or warranty to this effect shall be implied. The goods will be provided in accordance with the contract in place between Formica Group and the purchaser. We will not be liable for any loss or damage caused directly or indirectly from any failure of the goods to comply with this...

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