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Formica Infiniti™ is a surfacing material like no other. Elegant and sleek with a contemporary matte finish, it feels softer and works harder than anything we've made before. It’s created using a technology that protects it from marks, finger prints and accidental abrasions so it stays looking better for longer. What’s more, it can be post-formed to hold a curve... It’s one surface with endless possibilities. Soft Touch Anti-Finger Print Thermal Healing of Micro-Scratches Post Forming

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WALL & PLINTH FEEL GOOD FEATURES MATTE, NO MATTER WHAT Our innovative, patent-pending technology has micro-contours on the material surface that diffuse light. This creates a luxurious matte finish, which can add warmth and elegance to any environment.

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SOFT TOUCH, SOLID PERFORMANCE Formica Infiniti™ has a moleskin-like texture that’s soft and silky smooth to the touch, but has all the durability of a solid surface. It’s a feeling of quality that stands the test of time.

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Because we've made Formica Infiniti™ such a pleasure to touch, it made sense to include anti-fingerprint technology to make it more resistant to marking. It’s the surface that looks good, feels good, and stays that way.

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REMARKABLY UNMARKABLE Formica Infiniti™ has looks that will make a mark on you, but thanks to our technology it’s pretty hard to make a mark on it. Its unique surface technology protects it from abrasions, so perfect for horizontal applications in high-traffic areas. DESK

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PERFECTLY POST-FORMABLE We’ve created a surface that’s the first of its kind, and kind of brilliant. An anti-marking super matte finish that can be post-formed to hold a curve to create beautiful streamlined interiors. It’s easy to work with, and because it’s been created with our ground-breaking technology, it always keeps its integrity. SHELF

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UNLIMITED POSSIBILITIES Formica Infiniti™ is a surfacing solution with exciting possibilities: · It’s perfect for both horizontal and vertical applications. · Its post-formability allows for the creation of beautiful curves. · Its antimicrobial properties makes it highly hygienic. · If abrasions occur it can be thermally healed back to normal. · It can do all this in a range of 20 decors in 3 grades: standard High Pressure Laminate, through-colour laminate and solid laminate. The only limit is your imagination. SHELVES & CUPBOARDS CC5342 Earth SHELVES & CUPBOARDS CC7940 Spectrum Yellow...

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ENHANCING ENVIRONMENTS Formica Infiniti™ is your solution to make any project stand out from the rest. It lends itself particularly well to retail, hospitality and office environments. Easy to use in harmony with other materials, we’ve created it to enhance any space

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LOOKS THAT LAST Customers are influenced by the aesthetics of retail environments, and Formica Infiniti™ gives them a stylish matte and timeless appearance. With its durability and elegance, it helps create places that people want to spend time in. Spaces that keep their looks for longer.

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These distinctive surfaces can be used for everything from reception desks to hallway walls. They turn any office into a smart and elegant space, that stays clean and spotless for longer. Versatile enough to be a boardroom in the morning and a space for entertaining customers in the evening.

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With Formica Infiniti™ as a part of an interior, hospitality can really live up to its name. The surface has a luxurious feel, specifically made to look good even in high-traffic environments. Furthermore they have warm and welcoming colours that suit any interior design.

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SMART TECHNOLOGY Our Formica Group Innovations Team has been developing and perfecting our patent-pending curing process and next generation resin systems. Thanks to their efforts, it has helped us create our most advanced surface to date; a highly engineered matte surface. This perfectly balanced fusion of process and resin systems has enabled us to create micro-contours that diffuse light, giving the surface an ultra-low gloss appearance. They also work to channel away moisture from the fingertips so they don’t leave marks. The result is a surface that goes further than any other....

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THE CLEVER BIT INNOVATIVE CURING PROCESS The higher performance, better aesthetics and multi-functional attributes of Formica Infiniti™ are possible as a result of our new innovative patent-pending curing process. STATE OF THE ART RESIN SYSTEM Our next generation resin system works in combination with our curing process to create micro-contours on the surface of the material. The resin system gives the material enhanced durability and micro-scratch thermal healing capabilities, as well as preventing degradation caused by microbial growth. MICRO-CONTOUR SURFACE The micro-contours that are...

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ENDURING MATTE by FORMICA GROUP Antique White Polar White Spectrum Yellow Diamond Black Designs given in this publication have been matched as cioseiy as printing conditions allow and because the colour samples may differ in shade, hue, tone or brightness to actual product, we recommend that you request samples at 18 Formica Infinitr

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The mark of responsible forestry N Natural Color System® © Property of and used on licence from the Scandinavian Color institute A0. SCI-Sweden, Stockholm 2017. The performance features are for general reference only. For more specific product information, including technical data and warranties please refer to (Knowledge). Formica Group are FSCTM certified and comply with the requirements of FSC. Network of participating European Formica Group sites is shown on certificate number TT-COC-003588. Formica Infiniti

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Infiniti MAS/ENG - 1/2017 Formica, the Formica Anvil Device and ColoCore are registered trademarks of The Diller Corporation. © 2017 The Diller Corporation.

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