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RECOMMENDED APPLICATION Formica Infiniti™ surfacing offers a super matte soft-to-touch finish that provides a beautiful look and feel that is impossible to resist. Formica Infiniti is an offering for any space calling for a tactile yet durable and matte surface. With the added benefits of resisting fingerprints and bacteria growth, thermal healing capabilities, and chemical resistant properties, Formica Infiniti has a home in just about every space! Formica Infiniti™ surfacing is ideal for high traffic areas such as cafes, restaurants, hotels and retail, healthcare, commercial offices or any setting that calls for countertops, tables, doors, partitions, cabinets and furniture. Formica Infiniti™ sheets are available in a horizontal postforming and may be postformed to a 8mm external radius Postforming provides an ergonomic edge and excellent protection against fingerprints and bacteria. FABRICATION AND ASSEMBLY LIMITATIONS Formica Infiniti™ laminate sheets are not recommended for application directly to plaster, drywall (gypsum board), concrete, solid lumber, plywood or underlayment. Formica Infiniti™ Laminate is for interior use only. It should not be used in areas where temperatures exceed 275°F (135°C) for prolonged periods of time, or for exterior applications. Do not expose Formica Infiniti to continuous direct sunlight. Do not chop, slice, pound or hammer on Formica Infiniti surface. STORAGE Formica Infiniti™ laminate sheets should be stored horizontally, A cover board should be placed on top to protect the material from possible damage and reduce the chance of warpage of the top sheets. The material should be protected from light, heat and moisture and should never be stored in contact with the floor or an outside wall. It is important that Formica Infiniti™ laminate sheets be stored at a temperature not less than 60°F (16°C) and a relative humidity not less than 40%. Prior to fabrication, allow the Formica Infiniti™ laminate sheets and the substrates to acclimate for at least 48 hours at the same ambient conditions. Optimum conditions are approximately 75°F (24°C) and relative humidity of 45% to 55%. Provisions should be made for the circulation of air around the components. NOTE: Stress cracking can result when high-moisture material is bonded and subsequently exposed to low humidity conditions. Excessively dry material may expand and cause bubbling if improperly glued. CUTTING Formica Infiniti™ laminate sheets have a special fingerprint resistant surface. We recommend the use of sharp, tungsten carbide-tipped cutting blades with low or negative hook profiles. Low feed speeds and high tool speeds are also suggested. A feather board should be clamped to the saw fence to stabilize the stock and prevent chatter, producing safer, cleaner cuts. SUBSTRATES The recommended cores for Formica Infiniti™ are 45# density, industrial grade particleboard (CS 236-66; Type 1, Grade B, Class 2), Medium Density Fiberboard (MDF). The substrates should be sanded smooth, clean, and free of oil or grease, and uniform in thickness. Do not use drywall (gypsum board), plaster, concrete, solid timber, or underlayment. ADHESIVES Contact, semi-rigid (PVAc), or rigid (urea, resorcinol) adhesives may be used. Follow the adhesive manufacturer’s recommendations. Certain combinations of finish, substrate, and adhesives can cause telegraphing. Consult our Fabrication Advice guide for more information on Telegraphing and how to avoid. ASSEMBLY Material, equipment and workmanship must conform to the industry standard practices, conditions, procedures and recommendations . Formica Infiniti™ laminate sheet has a special anti-fingerprint resistant surface. We recommend the use of sharp, carbide tipped cutting blades with low or negative hook profiles. Low feed speeds and high tool speeds are also suggested. A board should be clamped to the saw fence to hold the product down and prevent flutter/ vibration while cutting. Panel assemblies should be laminated with a suitable balancing sheet to minimize warpage. Always align sanding marks in the same direction. All inside corners of cutouts must be radiused as large as possible (1/8” ( minimum) to avoid stress cracking. The edges and corners should be filed smooth and free of chips or nicks. POSTFORMING Formica Infiniti™ laminate sheets can be formed similarly to conventional High Pressure Laminate, . We recommend preheating to 120°-140°C. Ideal postforming temperature is approx 160 -185°C. Formica Infiniti™ laminate sheets can be postformed to a minimum 8mm) outside radius.

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HOW TO SPECIFY Surface shall be Formica Infiniti™ laminate sheets from Formica COLOUR NUMBER COLOUR NAME GRADE A7 FINISH AN Formica Infiniti™ laminate sheets meet the minimum performance standards of the International Organization of Standardization, ISO 4586-2, and of the European standard EN 438n and ANSI/NEMA LD3-2005. USE AND CARE Formica Infiniti™ laminate may be cleaned with a damp cloth and mild detergent. Use of abrasive cleaners, powders, scouring pads, steel wool, sandpaper, etc., will damage the finish and can permanently reduce the stain and chemical resistance of the...

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