Formica® 100-Year Anniversary Collection


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Formica® 100-Year Anniversary Collection - 2

In your hands is the exclusive Anniversary Collection, created by Abbott Miller, Pentagram, celebrating 100 years of Formica* brand history and its endless potential. Underscoring the seamlessness of past-present-future, this collection brings you four patterns - Dotscreen™, Halftone™, Endless™ and Ellipse™ - in 12 new decors. Halftone™ features near-bright colours patterned with various sizes of toned dots, printing screens. Dotscreen™ celebrates Formica* brand history pairing vivid colours with extremely fine continuous ribbons. DUTSCRLEN ELLIPSE™ EHiPse™ P|avs ofrtne using the "hidden...

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Formica® 100-Year Anniversary Collection - 3

Formica' Laminate Formica* High Pressure Laminate (HPL) is manufactured through fusing multiple layers of impregnated paper under high pressure and temperature to create a hard wearing, durable and hygienic decorative surfacing material. Surface Finish: Matte 58™ Grade: Horizontal, General Purpose, Postforming (HGP)

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Formica® 100-Year Anniversary Collection - 5

F6617 Tan^lo Dctecreen F6615 Aqua Dotecreen F6616 Mint Dotscreen

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Formica® 100-Year Anniversary Collection - 8

Middle East United Kingdom

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