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ColorCore® Compact - 2

Beauty is absolute Versatile, practical and beautiful, ColorCore® Compact is our latest self-supporting material that combines on trend surface designs with a structural, colour matched core that provides a homogeneous colour all the way through. Transform your interiors with the ColorCore Compact range and make your design element the centrepiece of the room by selecting natural or contemporary decors, complementing textures and a colour matched core for a clean finish and beautiful edges. With the solid grace of a natural material, but with the durability you would expect from a solid...

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ColorCore® Compact - 4

ColorCore® Compact provides a real alternative to natural and engineered stone, without having to compromise on aesthetic, finish, quality or durability. Personalise surface and edge treatments: Thanks to its complementing, solid coloured core you can engrave, carve and router to create unique and original surfaces as well as adding interesting edging details. Durable: Impact and abrasion resistant making it ideally suited to withstand even high traffic areas. Non-porous: As a fully waterproof material that has non-porous properties, you can wipe away spillages from everyday products to...

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ColorCore® Compact - 6

Natural whites Add a touch of timeless elegance to your project with our range of cool whites. Available as a solid Polar White, in a variety of textures to bring it alive. There is also a selection of natural and engineered stone designs which have been matched with complementary textures by our global design team. Versatile and universally popular, white suits all rooms and future-proofs your design for years to come. This range features a selection of contrasting finishes, from luxurious high gloss, to more subtle and sophisticated matte.

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ColorCore® Compact - 8

Matte 58, Satin NDF, Gloss, Plex

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ColorCore® Compact - 16

Cool greys On trend and arguably one of the most enduring colour palettes, grey. Perfectly neutral, harmonious, effortlessly cool and immediately enhances all others colours around it. Make the rest of your design features stand out by cleverly using a colour that takes a back-seat, and lets complementary accents take centre stage. Choose from a range of finishes and textures to instantly add flair and sophistication to your project and create a tonally soothing ambience.

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ColorCore® Compact - 18

Matte 58, Satin NDF, Gloss

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ColorCore® Compact - 24

Modern blacks Everlastingly popular and always in fashion, our range of blacks state confidence and understated chic. Not only do our black surfaces look and feel luxurious, they are ideal for traditionalists and modern designers alike, combining practicality with a hint of timeless class. Available with complementary textured finishes, set your project apart with a bold look that projects good taste.

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ColorCore® Compact - 26

Matte 58, Gloss, Plex

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ColorCore® Compact - 38

Size and availability Unfinished edge profile Finished edge profile Sizes 3600 x 900 and 3600 x 650 come with finished edges as highlighted in red on the adjacent illustration. They incorporate a slight chamfer and polished edge, and are well suited for kitchen worktops, breakfast bars and furniture applications. 1300

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ColorCore® Compact - 40

ColorCore8 Compact by FORMICA GROUP Belgium Tel: +32 28081964 Denmark Tel: +45 89872925 Finland Tel: +358 942454660 France Tel: +33 977554783 Germany Tel: +49 1803676422 Italy Tel: +39 0687502115 Morocco Tel: +44 1916220109 Netherlands Tel: +31 704134820 / +31 707100150 Norway Tel: +47 80013016 Poland Tel: +48 223079624

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