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style without compromise A Formica Group Product

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Introducing Aria™ - our most iconic surface yet. By combining the visual beauty of natural materials with a highly engineered development process, we have created an elegant, high performance surface that will stand up to whatever life may throw at it. Classic bold designs incorporate marble veining, granite textures or engineered stone patterns in a colour palette of sophisticated neutrals. Aria gives you the scope to create the kitchen you’ve always dreamed of. Manufactured as a single slab, the solid construction is waterproof and gives consistent colour throughout. Aria provides the...

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properties From the outset, Aria has been developed as a real alternative to natural and engineered stone, without having to compromise on the aesthetic, finish, quality or durability of such work surfaces. Available in a wide range of contemporary and classic designs to enhance any home, Aria offers the following outstanding properties: Durable Aria’s solid one piece construction means it is highly impact and abrasion resistant, which is perfectly suited to surviving the toil of day-to-day life. Non-porous A fully waterproof worktop enables you to incorporate design features such as...

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AriaTM worktops transform your kitchen into the chic, modern living space you’ve always desired. With the solid grace of a natural surface, design features can be cut and shaped with a clean finish, creating a stylish environment with your worktops as the striking centerpiece. Contemporary slim-line design Modern manufacturing technology enables Aria to be manufactured with two different thicknesses: an ultra slim 12mm for a sleek, modern design effect and a classic 20mm thickness, resembling engineered stone for that sophisticated look. Flush kitchen designs Aria worktops gracefully...

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Add a touch of timeless elegance to your kitchen with our range of cool whites featuring a variety of natural and engineered stone designs. Versatile and universally popular, white suits all rooms and future-proofs your kitchen for years to come. This palette also features satin and textured finishes for a low reflective look that is subtle but sophisticated. Polar White Carrara Bianco Calacatta Marble

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Aria - 10

Polar White Calacatta Marble

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Aria - 14

On trend and arguably the most popular choice of home colour - grey. Perfectly neutral, harmonious, and effortlessly cool greys immediately enhance all others colours around it. Make the rest of your kitchen’s design features stand out by cleverly using a colour that takes a back-seat, and lets complementary accents take centre stage. Choose from a range of finishes and textures to instantly add flair and sophistication to your home and create a tonally soothing ambience. Concrete Formwood Soapstone Sequoia Elemental Concrete

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Elemental Concrete

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Elemental Concrete

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Everlastingly popular and always in fashion, our range of blacks state confidence and understated chic. Not only do our black core worktops look and feel luxurious, they are ideal for traditionalists and modern home designers alike, combining practicality with a hint of timeless class. Available with complementary textured finishes, set your kitchen apart with a bold look that projects good taste. Black Storm Black Granite Elemental Graphite Nero Grafite

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Aria - 25

colour matched sealant Formica Lifeseal® is our colour matched sealant and adhesive that gives the perfect finish to your Aria surfaces: • Colour matched to Aria worktop surfaces (please see matrix below) • 290 ml cartridge - designed for use with a standard mastic gun • Easy and flexible to work with for bonding, sealing and finishing Formica Lifeseal is matched by decor, please use the reference guide below. Lifeseal colour match Black Granite F2699 Lustre FLS-90-BK-05 Black Storm F6357 Etchings FLS-90-BK-05 Calacatta Marble F3460 Satin NDF FLS-15-GY-02 Carrara Bianco F6696 Satin NDF...

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Elemental Concrete Don’t just dream of having your perfect kitchen. Choose Aria work surfaces and showcase your own design sophistication, creating a beautiful environment within your home that is built to last. Formica surfaces at home Tuscan sinks and taps were used to produce the kitchen environments showcased within this brochure. Quality assured All AriaTM products are manufactured in accordance with British and European standards to ensure they meet exacting modern kitchen requirements. Specific features incorporated into the surface increase their resistance to heat, impact, moisture...

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A Formica Group Product Formica, the Formica Anvil Device and Aria are registered trademarks of The Diller Corporation

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