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Clip Clip is composed of 11, 12, 13 or 14 rises complete with railing. The maximum height of the staircase is 350 cm. The staircase is characterized by a landing which allows the staircases to be fitted to openings of any shape or size. OPTIONAL BALUSTRADE CLIP 120 cm 14 RISES The Clip optional balustrade allows protecting the opening on the upper floor. It is composed of modular 120 cm modules, 10 balusters and handrail. The balustrade can also assume a circular shape SQUARE OPENING ROUND OPENING It allows to reduce the space between treads to prevent children from falling. OPTIONAL CHILD PROTECTION GATE STEEL COLOURS: WHITE 9010, BLUE 5023, GREEN 6033, ORANGE 2000 AND VIOLET 4005 Kalypto is a safety accessory to prevent children under the age of 24 months from climbing up and down the stairs on their own. It is made up of a sheet stretched over a rigid tubular frame and plastic joints to fasten the gate to the railing. It is 82 cm long and 73.5 cm high and can be shortened down to 54 cm to adapt to the staircase dimensions. Suitable for indoor use. Optional (a): The optional wall fitting allows installing Kalypto also where there are rigid walls (doors or corridors) or where there are no balusters to which to fit it.

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Clip/Supplementary items STEEL COLOURS Clip STEEL COLOURS *HEIGHT 215 ÷ 275 cm * If the height you measured appears in more than one row, we advise you to select the larger number of rises as this will make it more comfortable to walk up and down the stairs. Check that the number of rises selected fit in your stairwell referring to the plans. Choose your rotation. Clip The configurations shown below will help you determine the direction of rotation and the starting point of the staircase based on the diameters and number of rises. The opening in the floor must be at least 5 cm larger than...

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