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PC® 74 A2 non-inflammable coating

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Product data sheet PC® 74 A2 non-inflammable coating Page: 1 1. Description and area of application ® PC 74 A2 is mineral coating FOAMGLAS . ® PC 74 A2 is mixed with water, in particular used as non® inflammable coating on FOAMGLAS in fresh air ducts or on air channels, pipelines and cavity floors as examples. ® The non-inflammable property of PC 74 A2 (building material class A2 in accordance with EN 13501) is proven by the general construction supervision approval No. Z56.428-871. 2.1 Add approx. 5-6 litres of cold, clean water to a mortar bucket and slowly add PC 74 A2. Mix with a strong, slowly running drill with a paddle and stir to a lump-free mass. Stir for another 10 minutes approximately. Where required, add a little water. ® 2.2 When using PC 74 A2 as glue, the substrate in masonry or concrete must be clean, (surface) dry and bearing. Remove soiling substances and such that have a separating effect (e.g. formwork oil, dust) as well as protruding mortar burrs with a high-pressure cleaner, where necessary reinforce the surface with primer concentrate. Use a notched stainless steel trowel ® ® (notches 8 to 10mm) to apply the PC 74 A2 as glue over the whole surface of the FOAMGLAS slabs. ® 2.3 When used as coating, PC 74 A2 is applied with a stainless steel trowel in the width of the reinforcement on the ® 2 FOAMGLAS surface (consumption approx. 3.5 kg/m ). Possible surface defects must first be rectified by using ® ® FOAMGLAS pieces in a suitable shape. Then the glass reinforcement tissue PC 150 is embedded with an approx. 10 cm ® 2 overlapping and again levelled out with PC 74 A2 (1 kg/m ) so that a full surface covering of the tissue is ensured. 2.4 Cleaning the tools with water immediately after use. 2.5 Additional notes Ambient temperatures and surface temperatures must not drop below + 5 °C during processing and in the drying phase. Do not process in direct sunlight. 2.6 Product Safety Notice All material safety data sheets (MSDS) are available. They aim to ensure a safe handling of the product and correct disposal by the customer.

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Product data sheet PC® 74 A2 non-inflammable coating Page: 2 3. Type of delivery and storage Bag content 25 kg net - Store in well sealed bags in a dry place. Maximum 3 (2) years better only 1 year These quantities must be considered to guide values; they depend strongly on the surface properties, the thickness of the ® insulation material, the dimensions of the FOAMGLAS boards, the processing technology and the building site conditions, etc. Mineral coating mass Dry substance from a mixture of special sands, cement and lime hydrate Service temperature Application temperature (air +...

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