Interior insulation systems


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Interior insulation systems

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Investment in a promising future 4 Interior insulation. Floor 7 Interior insulation. Wall 11 Interior insulation. Ceiling 21 Excellent ecological profile 35

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Investment in a promising future Escalating energy costs and acute environmental damage: these are today’s challenges. Reducing the energy consumption of buildings by thermal insulation becomes a vital issue which is important for new buildings. For buildings where it is impossible to apply external insulation on the enclosing walls, the use of FOAMGLAS® interior insulation can be the only appropriate choice. These are for example buildings where façades have to be preserved and cannot be retrofitted on the outside. FOAMGLAS® cellular glass insulation is an unrivalled solution, because its...

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performance characteristics of cellular glass insulation systems ensure optimal protection of the building. Due to the cell geometry with a “build-in” vapourbarrier, moisture cannot enter the material. Damage caused by moisture or mould can be excluded with professional design and workmanship. In addition interior insulation is saving money, because expensive reface and scaffolding works are not needed. Another advantage: in buildings with intermittent heating (rooms which are not permanently used), the heating time is significantly reduced. 1 Ultimate insulation – essential physical...

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For a healthier environment – inside and outside. On topic of indoor air quality interior insulation can help to solve problems relating to moisture and mould. Also, FOAMGLAS® insulation is an environment friendly material and does not emit volatile organic compounds to the air. Cellular glass an environmentally sound construction material. It is made from natural raw materials (including 66 % recycled glass) and contributes in many ways to a healthy and a clean environment. For more than 50 years architects, engineers, contractors and owners have chosen FOAMGLAS® interior insulation...

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Interior insulation systems - 7

Interior insulation, floor Museum Tinguely, Basel Architect Mario Botta, Lugano Construction 1995 FOAMGLAS® applications Floor insulation on the inside, about 1,800 m2, FLOOR BOARD T4+, 120 mm thick, butt-jointed Floor finish Parquet flooring in European larch / oak The Museum on the Rhine by architect Mario Botta creates a unique atmosphere for Tinguely’s art objects. The immense central exhibition hall showcases about 20 machinery sculptures. Due to its cell structure FOAMGLAS® maintains high-compressive strength even under a heavy permanent load. The insulation is perfect for use on load...

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Interior insulation systems - 8

Interior insulation, floor Linsebühl Church, St. Gallen Architect Nüesch Architektur AG, St. Gallen Construction 1990 FOAMGLAS® applications Interior insulation retrofits for floor, enclosure walls and ceiling, about 2,800 m2, T4+ slabs, thickness 30 / 50 mm, adhesively bonded Finishes for walls, ceiling and floor Plastering with stuccowork and mural painting / terrazzo When it comes to the preservation of historical monuments a retrofit strategy needs to ensure a structurally sound building for the long-term – in particular for this project the stuccowork and the mural painting needed to...

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Interior insulation systems - 9

Interior insulation, floor Logistikcenter Galliker, Freight Forwarders, Dagmersellen Engineering office Anliker AG, Emmenbrücke LU Construction 2004 FOAMGLAS® applications Floor insulation on the inside, about 3,680 m2, type S3, thickness 200 / 300 mm, adhesively bonded Floor finish Pressure distribution concrete slab This application for the production and low-temperature storage of baked goods demanded a well-conceived energy strategy, which certainly involved the use of efficient thermal insulation. A critical need was to account for intertemperature differences , but also between the...

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Interior insulation systems - 10

Interior insulation, floor Kreuzbleiche Sports hall, St. Gallen Architect Architekturbüro Heinrich Graf, St. Gallen Construction 1984 FOAMGLAS® applications Interior insulation for the floor, about 1,750 m2, type FLOOR BOARD T4+, 60 mm thick, loose laid Floor finish Court surface FOAMGLAS® insulation keeps feet firmly on the ground Floor insulation using FOAMGLAS® slabs and Boards are the optimal solution to ensure high thermal performance in the longterm and moisture protection of components at ground level. Unique physical properties make FOAMGLAS® the perfect insulation....

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Interior insulation systems - 11

Interior insulation for floor and walls Sihlcity Shopping Mall, Zurich Architect Theo Hotz AG, Zurich Construction 2006 FOAMGLAS® applications Interior insulation for floor and walls, about 14,540 m2, T4+ and S3 slabs, READY BOARD T4+, READY BOARD S3, 30 – 160 mm thick, laid loose and adhesively bonded Floor and wall finishes Different materials Sihlcity is a shopping and entertainment center, the first of its kind in Switzerland. The new development is a visitors attraction and has unique technical and design qualities. Energy efficiency was a central issue for the engineering. The heating...

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Interior insulation systems - 12

Interior insulation, floor Museum Foundation Beyeler, Riehen / Basel Architect Renzo Piano Building Workshop, Paris and Genoa Construction 1995 FOAMGLAS® applications Interior insulation for walls and floors, about 2,500 m2 FLOOR BOARD T4+, 60 mm thick, loose laid, and WALL BOARD, 60 / 100 mm thick, adhesively bonded Floor and wall finishes Parquet flooring / plasterwork For museum buildings, an essential requirement is clean air. Hence, an environmentaly friendly insulation product that does not release dust and fibers is important. In the exhibition space higher interior pressure prevents...

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Interior insulation, floor Owner-occupied house, Untervaz Architect Darius W. Rozumowski, dipl. Architekt ETH / SWB / FSAI Construction 2006 FOAMGLAS® application Interior insulation for walls, about 200 m2, T4+ slabs, 140 mm thick, adhesively bonded Wall finish Plasterboard with surfacer and paint Unlike mineral fiber or air-permeable natural insulation materials, FOAMGLAS® interior insulation does not need additional vapor-barriers and bonding tape to become airtight. The installation of thin polyethylene sheets used as vapor control layers can be quite problematic, as lapping and joining...

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