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BARAZZA 2022 2023


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BARAZZA 2022 2023 - 2

HOW TO USE THIS CATALOGUE Technical information Types of installation Accessories Products Product benefits Technical features • extra thick stainless steel AISI 304 • bowl with radius “15” • 40x40x21.5 h cm bowl • equipment: 3½” basket strainer waste, stainless steel drain cover, perimeter overflow • tap hole: 1 standard hole 2nd and 3rd hole upon request • 60 cm base unit for bowl • 84x49 cm cut out 6 flush: see website 86x51 cm built-in Easy sink 1 bowl + drainer Technical drawing STAINLESS STEEL drainer RH STAINLESS STEEL drainer LH Barazza products are available with different types of...

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BARAZZA 2022 2023 - 3

With the 2022-23 catalogue, Barazza would like to show you the complete and coordinated range of all of its products. Here images, details, impressions and information convey our message. Everything has been designed to make the new Barazza catalogue an essential tool for carefully choosing the product collection that best fits your wishes and your day-to-day needs in the kitchen.

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BARAZZA 2022 2023 - 5

CREATIVITY AS A SOURCE OF INSPIRATION. More than 50 years of experience have given Barazza the ambition and the desire to experiment with new shapes, to develop technology, to marry innovation and Italian design with the ability to provide solutions that anticipate the demands of an increasingly knowledgeable public. Out of this, exclusive products are born, to be used in aesthetic combinations, and that interpret style trends with expertise in the art of Italian manufacturing, highly regarded in the economies of the international market for its ability to show the best relationship between...

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BARAZZA 2022 2023 - 7

INNOVATION AS THE STARTING POINT OF EVERY IDEA. Barazza’s collections are born from scrupulous research and development work that finds its home in the company’s in-house laboratory, the heart of all Barazza’s technological innovation and its renowned creativity. This is where the most ambitious ideas and projects come to life, supported by cutting-edge technological systems, crucial in the achievement of the desired result: the creation of ergonomic products, with top quality standards and high performance. Always living up to their ambitions and well exceeding the client’s expectation

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BARAZZA 2022 2023 - 9

WELL-BEING AS A SELECTIVE CRITERION. For Barazza every action unfolds in a framework of eco-sustainability, using energy-saving systems and materials that have a reduced impact on the environment, to pursue the ideal of a world that we want to leave for future generations. In its products Barazza mainly uses AISI 304 stainless steel, a material with a high chrome and nickel content, the raw material that symbolises its commitment to environmental sustainability in that it is completely recyclable, hygienic, causes no toxic emissions and does not change over time. A company that pays special...

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BARAZZA 2022 2023 - 11

ITALIAN EXPERTISE, THE DESIRE TO ALWAYS DO BETTER. Being firmly anchored in Italy, a place where the beauty of the land is an inspiration, breathing the air plenty with culture and artistic tradition, has given Barazza the conditions it needs to create a unique design signature, the full expression of products made in Italy. Italy is a country famous throughout the world for its unique way of doing things: creativity, flair, tradition, expertise, ability, these are the skills with which Barazza produces unique, highly customisable results that become a model for those who aspire to imitate...

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BARAZZA 2022 2023 - 13

HISTORY THAT HAS BEEN SPEAKING OF THE FUTURE, FOR MORE THAN 50 YEARS. Barazza, as well as being a brand, is also a group of people. These people are brought together by a shared passion, which enables them to create quality every day. This quality is expressed producing highperforming appliances with an advanced design, thought up and manufactured at our premises. We combine the skill and precision of our craftspeople with innovative technological potential. Barazza’s adventure began in 1968 in Santa Lucia di Piave, in the Inox Valley district, an active, functioning organisation with...

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BARAZZA 2022 2023 - 16

HAVING BIG PLANS, KNOWING HOW TO ACHIEVE THEM. Barazza plans, creates, curates and tests each individual product fully at Santa Lucia di Piave, on its own premises: that’s how experience becomes concrete in quality, service and ever greater attention to the customer. This is where Italian know-how becomes an unmistakable signature that speaks of the passion that characterises each product. Everyone at Barazza is a professional, with a desire to look after each individual stage of production: from the idea, through the planning, to the final checks, knowing how to combine technological...

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BARAZZA 2022 2023 - 18

THE SUBSTANCE THAT GIVES THE LOOK. Stainless steel is the name that defines all steels with a high chrome and nickel content that combine resistance and efficiency with the simplicity and elegance of a material of unrivalled refinement. Barazza uses particular qualities of stainless steel for its products: AISI 304 (American Iron and Steel Institute) made up of 18% chrome and 10% nickel, which ensures exceptional resistance to corrosion and a high level of hygiene, and AISI 316 stainless steel, particularly beautiful to look at and very resistant to atmospheric agents, so much so that it is...

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BARAZZA 2022 2023 - 20

ONE MATERIAL, INFINITE INTERPRETATIONS. Steel, a unique material, ideal for treatments that transform its smooth, reflective surface into an original, soft and silky, textured material. Barazza’s collections include 5 different finishes, all of high aesthetic value, each designed to fulfill different style requirements. Scotch Brite satin finish with its refined, elegant spirit. Trama finish featuring a criss-cross pattern that gives the appliances a new tactile feel, dressing their contents in a practical ensemble. Mat finish combines design with a practical anti-fingerprint effect....

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BARAZZA 2022 2023 - 21


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BARAZZA 2022 2023 - 22

BARAZZA PRODUCT CATEGORIES Quality must always also satisfy requirements regarding space and opportunities. Barazza offers solutions conceived to offer the widest range of possible choices in terms of taste and requirements, from the collections made up of coordinated elements, to the Fusion range with its made to measure and built-in hobs, to the Outdoor collection, designed to furnish even your outdoor spaces, and through to Made to Measure, which gives carte blanche to the client to draw up their own tailor-made design. The opportunity to create your own kitchen with coordinated The...

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