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WEO® Brise-Soleil systems made from composite wood with a no-fading warrant y! WEO® Brise-Soleil is a contemporary architectural feature used to reduce discomfort caused by direct sunlight. It enables users to enjoy natural light without letting the heat in! As an exceptional benefit, the co-extruded protective coating resists fading for over 20 years, and keeps its wood appearance with remarkable colour intensity. These profiles are decorative. They have no waterproofing or insulation properties for the building. Brise-Soleil systems can be used for all types of public spaces, commercial...

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The WEO ® Brise-Soleil range Composite wood WEO® Brise-Soleil systems are reinforced with a 2 mm thick aluminium tube in their core. Brise soleil 42 x 60 mm x 4 m with Aluminium reinforcement 20 x 30 mm 6,83 kg / pc Brise soleil 52 x 100 mm x 4 m with Aluminium reinforcement 40 x 40 mm 12,03 kg / pc Brise soleil 62 x 120 mm x 4 m with Aluminium reinforcement 50 x 50 mm 14,83 kg / pc Caps can be installed on the ends of each profile with matching colours in order to discreetly cover the cells. Teak

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Installation principle WEO® Brise-Soleil systems may be installed horizontally or vertically while always complying with a maximum spacing of 2 m between two supports and 60 cm for overhangs. Horizontal installation Vertical installation Fastening of WEO® Brise-Soleil systems Direct fastening With self-drilling screws With rivets Ø Head Tête 9,5 mm Rivet Ø 4,8 mm

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Fastening with brackets Fastening on concrete supports Fastening on metal supports

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4 essential points AESTHETICS An exotic wood open-joint décor composed of rigid, stable profiles. A unique appearance, combining a warm-to-the-touch material with intense colours and varied multi-chromatic tints very similar to natural wood. Invisible fastening with screws or rivets on the hidden side. Straight, durable boards that look as real as wood! High-tech, organically sourced polymer wood, composed of 60% sawdust and 40% recycled polyethylene. No toxic products, no glue or heavy metals. Manufactured from 95% recycled materials. WEO® Brise-Soleil systems are also 100% recyclable. An...

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