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Fermob Milan 2016


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Fermob Milan 2016 - 3

Fermob, happy gardens, French style Fermob – the French manufacturer of metal garden furniture – has revolutionised the market by bringing colour into the garden. The brand introduced a zero-waste painting line in 1996, and has since gone on to reassert its positioning, unique qualities and expertise. With a colour chart featuring 23 separate shades, it offers a wider variety of colours than any competitor. What makes Fermob stand out from the crowd is its decision to involve designers in the creation of its furniture. The brand has collaborated with leading names in the design world such...

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Fermob Milan 2016 - 4


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Fermob Milan 2016 - 5

...a modern twist on the classic English bench Somerset is just as charming as its predecessors, yet comes with an added touch of soul. It’s a win-win combination of authentic quality and modern styling. While this all-new version respects the traditional codes of the English bench, Fermob’s reworked model is naturally more fluid in appearance with its integrated armrests. Building on its expertise in materials, the brand settled on a stunning combination of teak (for the frame) and metal (for the seat). The result is a bench that is ultra-comfortable and soft to the touch. Somerset is...

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Fermob Milan 2016 - 6

LIGHTING BY FERMOB THIS YEAR’S NEW RELEASES BALAD FIRST LOOK AT MILAN The idea behind Balad is to create your own light. Choose the size and colour, decide whether to place it or hang it, make it into a lamp for the house or take it with you for a beach party. I wanted Balad to be a sensitive object, and just like Fermob: simple, inspiring and free. Fermob brings it outdoor expertise to garden lighting. This brand-new, portable lamp marks Fermob’s first, dazzling foray into the world of lighting. With Balad, the brand has once again expanded its expertise, now offering yet another practical...

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Fermob Milan 2016 - 7

Tristan Lohner This 40 year-old trained as a cabinet maker, obtaining an Arts and Crafts diploma. He then joined the School of Decorative Arts in Paris. He then joined the RBC group, whose furniture showrooms are designed by Philippe Starck and Antonio Citterio. There he leads many global development projects for residential and luxury hotel sectors. Tristan Lohner is now enjoying directing the RBC Design Center in Montpellier, a 2,500 m2 concept store entirely devoted to design, and designed by Jean Nouvel.

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Fermob Milan 2016 - 8

SUPERLOUNGER SAINT TROPEZ HARD-WEARING AND HIGHLY VERSATILE | DESIGNED BY STUDIO FERMOB THIS YEAR’S NEW RELEASES The Saint-Tropez Superlounger is an elongated chaise longue, a snug deckchair, or even a hammock with its very own stand. It’s an ultra-comfortable, highly versatile piece that boasts all the best features of its multiple incarnations. With its PVC-coated double polyester thread construction, it is resistant to UV rays. What’s more, its “shape memory” design means that it never loses its elasticity and always returns to RECOMMENDED RETAIL PRICE Frame : Frame : It boasts an...

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Fermob Milan 2016 - 9

THIS YEAR’S NEW RELEASES SUPER-SIZED GARDEN FURNITURE | DESIGNED BY FRÉDÉRIC SOFIA UltraSofa was first announced four years ago and is now back in the spotlight once again. The product is the result of extensive R&D work, combining an extraordinary shape with innovative materials. The design process was approached with meticulous attention to detail, to ensure that the final result respected the designer’s inspiration. This sofa is now ready to add a touch of sparkle to terraces everywhere, as part of a large family. UltraSofa is the brainchild of talented designer Frédéric Sofia, the man...

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Fermob Milan 2016 - 10


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Fermob Milan 2016 - 11

THIS YEAR’S NEW RELEASES THIS COLLECTION WAS ONE OF THE GREAT DESIGNER’S LAST CREATIONS : His aim was to create a light, almost featherweight set of garden furniture (bench, armchair and low table). The armchair weighs in at just 3.2 kg – so what is the secret behind this lightweight design? The answer is a feat of technical prowess involving the use of aluminium and fibres. The Croisette collection can therefore be moved around the terrace with ease, to suit your requirements or simply to follow the sunlight. Standing at “mid” height, it is perfect for sitting and standing up without...

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Fermob Milan 2016 - 12


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Fermob Milan 2016 - 13

This is an ever-growing family, with each birth treated as a happy event. The key to this collection lies in its name, reflecting its inherent pie de vivre and its resolutely outdoor qualities... Bellevie is a collection of comfortable, colourful low lounge furniture that brings a touch of design quality to any terrace or garden. The pieces boast geometric forms with modern curves, while the materials - steel and aluminium - are both robust and lightweight. Bellevie is the very first outdoor sofa with a frame available in every shade of the colour chart. The bench, meanwhile, is a generous...

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Fermob Milan 2016 - 14

PLANTERS BY FERMOB As well as manufacturing tables and chairs, Fermob also has a natural interest in other outdoor accessories for terraces and gardens... and that includes planters! This new collection reflects the brand’s trademark values of design and colour.

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Fermob Milan 2016 - 15

THIS YEAR’S NEW RELEASES PERFECT FOR LANDSCAPE GARDENERS DESIGNED BY POCCI & DONDOLI - ARCHIRIVOLTO A GRAPHIC, PORTABLE PLANTER DESIGNED BY FABIO MELIOTA Italian design agency Archirivolto has created a new twist on the theme of plants & gardening objects. This collection of planters is notable for its purity and modular design, featuring a generously proportioned tray available in 3 heights – perfect for creating a variety of combinations. The Terrazza planters can be arranged horizontally or vertically as required. This chic, colourful planter is ideal for moving around the terrace or...

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Fermob Milan 2016 - 16

PEDESTAL TABLES BY FERMOB For those looking to bring a touch of Fermob style into their lives, but with limited budgets or small terraces, the brand has introduced a selection of accessories & smaller pieces of furniture. Now everyone can get their hands on designer pieces in a wide range of colours.

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