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September 2011 FBM Spa ITALIAN BUILDING MATERIAL LEADER The new site dedicated to designers that contains information on: installation, construction solutions, treatments, types of construction, regulatory, energy efficiency, etc.. as well as a section “Questions and Answers” to contact the technical staff FBM FBM - Fornaci Briziarelli Marsciano Spa Via XXIV Maggio 06055 Marsciano PG - web: p.iva 00297430548

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ol an d br ese ow d n ark striped red rossa passo variabile Nuove Marsigliesi antica perusia marsigliese n° pcs/sqm: ~12,7 weight: Kg ~3 n° pcs/pallet: 192 min. solpe: ~35 % pitch cm: ~36,0 Portoghesi smooth red Marsigliesi Olandesi Roofing m da ars rk ig br lies ow e n etrusca antica perusia smooth red striped red Roofing Pressed tiles Pressed tiles stonalized provenzale red flamed Vecchio Piemonte saint tropez marsigliese variable pitch n° pcs/sqm: ~12,7-14,5 weight: Kg ~3 n° pcs/pallet: 192 min. slope: ~35% pitch cm: ~30-36 provenzale medioevo olandese n° psc/sqm: ~13,2 weight: Kg ~3,2...

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o cm ss ro 50 o e pp 5 co . 4 h ng in pp o pa a te 45 st a e di 50 n co ro fo assisi cm o volterra antica perusia red assisi aged siena aged siena NO VIT A’ antica perusia o an 45 cm e sc h. nt everest to de ng lu nt be n or o rd sa cm o 2 pp . 4 co gh n o co aged m rinascimento medioevo lu pp co o grooved red co st co pp smooth red Roofing coppo sardo n°/mq: ~26 peso: Kg ~2,1 n° pz/pacco: 200 pendenza minima: ~30% coppo toscano n°/mq: ~28 peso: Kg ~2,8 n° pz/pacco: 240 pendenza minima: ~30% Flat Roman bent tile coppo da 45 pcs/sqm: ~28 weight: Kg ~2,0 pcs/pallet: 288 pendenza minima: ~30%...

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6 yellow cod. MA45211 - n 62 pcs/sqm cod. MA45815 - n 62 pcs/sqm cod. MA45816 - n 62 pcs/sqm Hand made smoothed Perusia flat tile 3x15x30 red Hand made Perusia flat tile 3,5x15x30 pink Han made small tile 5,5x5,5x25 red Hand made perusia element 5,5x12x25 red 5,5x12x25cm. crema cod. MA45511 - n 62 pz/mq 5,5x12x25cm. dark brown cod. MA45915 - n 62 pcs/sqm 5,5x12x25cm. romanico cod. MA45591 - n 62 pcs/sqm 5,5x12x25cm. medioevo - cod. MA45781 - also avail. whole pieces - also avail. dark brown cod. MA45985 * 3,5x12x25 pink cod. MB17212 - n 100 pcs/sqm * 3,5x12x25 yellow cod. MB17815 - n 100...

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0G roo ved 3x2 5x5 0S m oot 3x2 h 5x5 0S ien a 3x2 5x5 0E ver e st NOVITA’ 2011 celersap trellis Celersap pre-pressed Smo o 6x2 th holl 5x(8 o 0-10 w floor ing 0) bloc ki Print: Graphicmasters - Perugia / Design: FBM 5x5 Ta v e l l o n i 3x2 Solai assemblati Hollow tiles Gro o 6/8 ved ho x25 x50 llow flo /20 orin 0 g bl okc Trellised slab with brick blocks Larg e gr 6x2 5x5 ooved stab 0 le flat tile Self supporting plastered panel floor Sm o 6x2 oth ca rved 5x5 0 cam pigi a na TAVEX - Facing brick hoolow tile 4x25x50 Prepan GL ® ® ® Common material common brick 5,5x12x25 10 channel hollow...

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