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AC6 laminate flooring technical specifications


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| AC6 laminate flooring technical specifications Collections: MASTERPIECES, ELEGANCE, INDUSTRY TILES, STONE EFFECTS, RETRO. CHARACTERISTICS NORM SYMBOL REQUIREMENT Araverage < 0,50 mm to nominal value 'max. - rmfn. < 0,50 mm Length of the surface layer, l: UNE EN 13329:2016 Widht of the surface layer, w: UNE EN 13329:2016 Awaverage < 0,10 mm to nominal value wmax. - wmin. < 0,20 mm Straightness of the surf layer, s: UNE EN 13329:2016Flatness of the element, f: Maximum individual values: - Width UNE EN 13329:2016 *W,concave < 0,15 % *W,convex < 0,20 % - Length fl,concave < 0,5 % fl,convex < 1 % Dimensional variations after changes UNE EN 13329:2016in relative humidity, Sl, 6wLight fastness EN 20105-A02 Contrast between exposed and unexposed zone: grade >4 (gray scale) No visible changes. Example: <0.05 mm identation using a straight steel cylinder, 0= 11.3 mm CLASS 33 HEAVY COMMERCIAL USE CLASS 23 HEAVY DOMESTIC USE Resistance to staining Groups 1-2 > 5 Group 3 > 4 Locking strength for mechanically assembled panels (Opening 0,2 mm) EN13329 Effect of a furniture leg EN424 (foot type 0) Effect of a castor chair EN425 EN 13329 No changes in appearance or damage, as defined in EN425. Using wheel defined in EN 12529 (Tipe W)

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ADITIONAL REQUIREMENTS REQUIREMENT CHARACTERISTICS NORM SYMBOL Humidity at dispatch EN 322 The elements shall have from the manufacturer a moisture content of 4 -10 % Whitout visible effects 1m of distance CLASSIFICATION IN ACCORDING EMISSIONS - COVCHARACTERISTICS NORM SYMBOL REQUIREMENTEmissions - COV EN 16000 (French decree n° 2011-321 & arrete of 19/04/2011) Classified A+ *A+ (better) / C (worst) * Information sur le niveau d'emission de substances volatiles dans l'air interieur, presentant un risque de toxicite par inhalation, sur une echelle de classe allant de A + (tres faibles...

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