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The Wizard Elite is firmly fixed with 4 anti vandalism screws. You can regulate the volume of the microphone independently of the loudspeaker volume. Small model Total dimension: (Up to 4 buttons without keyboard): 264x155. Recess to provide for flush mounted model: 245x135x62mm (HxBxD). The RFID badge reader can be activated at any time with a licence key. The 160° colour camera is discreetly incorporated so that the visitor is unaware of being observed. This can deter vandalism. As an option, free led lighting can be ordered. OUTDOOR STATION WIZARD ELITE IP The Wizard Elite IP is the newest showpiece of Fasttel. Both the high end design as the technical characteristics are unknown. For this reason the Elite is usable in both residential as industrial projects. A rare combination! By push button, you can program up to 10 numbers. You can program the intensity and colour as you wish. In the multifunctional 3 inch TFT color screen, you can introduce your name, (company) logo and house number. You can also introduce free texts and modify them. Bidirectional video is possible. The keyboard has 3 functions: access control, telephone, and destination selection (if more than 8 buttons are required). The very powerful load speaker can be settled via the telephone in a few steps. For each model a 143 mm wide frame is available (FT25SF). Surface mounted or flush mounted model? The surface mounted or flush mounted frame you choose defines the result! FT25BUS: small model FT25BUL: large model Detail picture surface mounted frame The 6 mm glass plate is baked 2x on high temperature for a lifelong durability. Large model Total dimension: (Starting from 5 buttons or models with keyboard) 348x155 . Recess to provide for flush mounted model: 332x135x62mm (HxBxD). The aluminium frame work is the perfect final touch. FT25BIS: small model FT25BIL: large model Detail picture flush mounted frame

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MODELS WITHOUT KEYPAD 3" FULL COLOUR DISPLAY AND RGB PUSH BUTTONS Each push button can call up to 10 numbers. You can choose the lighting in any colour and change it whenever you want. FT25BUS Coated frame for surface mounting RAL7016 or FT25BIS Zincor frame for flush mounting. This model offers a fine solution when 8 buttons are not enough. By keypad, you can introduce 999 codes. Behind each code 2 numbers can be programmed. You can also realize up to 40 controls by the keypad. MODELS WITH KEYPAD Each push button can call up to 10 numbers. You can realize up to 40 controls by the keypad. Is...

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This input/output module extends greatly the possibilities of the Wizard series. Thus, you can make 8 additional controls with your telephone and the optional keypad. Therefore, the FT8SWIP is also necessary when you have to control independently several doors. The external cameras are also integrated via this module. You can then again select these cameras via the telephone. It is also used to redirect automatically the Wizard series in your absence to another number (for example, a GSM number). In the standard version, the camera of the Wizard Elite is not fitted with integrated LED...

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