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» The communications system for medium-sized enterprises«

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HiPath 3000 - 2

HiPath 3000 – the perfect telephone system for your enterprise With HiPath 3000, Siemens offers you a range of high-performance communications systems that fit perfectly to your communications requirements.

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HiPath 3000 - 3

Quality of customer care is key to the success of your business. You want to be constantly available for your customers, and the phone is your core means of communication. Therefore you need an economical solution with sufficient flexibility to grow with your business. A whole host of convenient features support all phone-based communications processes - at every workstation and in every working environment. HiPath 3000 systems enable the full performance spectrum of ISDN to be put to use - regardless of company size. Integrated call distribution is already prepared for statistical...

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HiPath 3000 - 4

HiPath 3000 – powerful, flexible and comfortable HiPath ComScendo – first-rate performance characteristics HiPath ComScendo is the software suite that facilitates comprehensive communications features, not only for telephones but also for the HiPath 3000 Real Time IP System, whether you use IP, TDM phones or PC clients. HiPath ComScendo can be adapted to best suit the varying communications needs throughout your company, equipping you, of course, with the appropriate software components for each situation

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HiPath 3000 - 5

Comprehensive security – simple administration HiPath SIcurity. With HiPath SIcurity, Siemens offers complete security systems from a single source: analysis and consulting, network and system security, secure access through SmartCard-based solutions and protection of your resources by means of identity and access management. Solution packages developed on the basis of typical requirements profiles can be adapted flexibly to specific needs. That cuts costs and provides you with the security that all solution components harmonize perfectly with one another. HiPath MetaManagement. HiPath...

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HiPath 3000 - 6

HiPath 3000 V6.0 - technical data Network interfaces Euro-ISDN • S0 base connection with DSS1 protocol - system connection - point-to-multipoint connection • S2M primary multiplex connection with DSS1-P Analog network access (HKZ) Other interfaces • V.24 • - for connecting service PC, call charge computer, call charge printer • V.24 with CSTA Protocol - for connecting hotel applications S0FV, S2MFV with CorNetNQ-and QSigQSig protocols • Digital nailed connection TCP/IP-LAN • LAN-Interface Module (LIM/LIM S) - Ethernet connection for administration via TCP/IP - CTI functions - Call cost...

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HiPath 3000 - 7

Selected system features: • Absentee text messages • Announcement/message facility • Automatic redial (expanded) • Authorization classes • Call cost logging • Call destination & call source display in the event of call diversion and call pick up • Call forwarding - no answer after timeout; immediately if busy • Call forwarding from the extension • Call intercept • Call number suppression • Call pickup • Call signaling • Call transfer (internal/external) • Callback facility from public network provider • Callback on busy and no answer (automatic) • Caller list • Camp-on/call waiting tone •...

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HiPath 3000 - 8

»HiPath 3000 - the perfect supplement with applications and end devices«

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HiPath 3000 - 9

optiPoint clients and devices optiPoint 500 entry These digital system phones offer a wide range of convenient functions and features, as well as a modern, ergonomic design. The optiPoint 500 entry is precisely the right springboard into digital telephony. Further models: optiPoint 500 economy optiPoint 500 basic optiPoint 500 standard optiPoint 500 advance optiPoint 420 advance Ideal for desk sharing and flexible office environments. Thanks to new, innovative technology for automatic transfer of key presets and labeling, users can access their own key presets from every optiPoint 420....

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HiPath 3000 - 10

optiPoint application module Generous color display for IP telephones and digital system telephones with local telephone directory function. The large alphanumeric keypad is easy to use, and the integrated web browser provides easy access to Internet services and applications in the company network. In conjunction with the optiPoint 500, the optiPoint application module can also be used as an administration terminal for HiPath 3000. Gigaset SL2 professional The Gigaset SL2 professional combines performance with lightness: It weights hardly more than 100 grams and has everything to make...

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HiPath 3000 - 11

Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet consectetuer HiPath Applications Whether CTI applications, cordless solutions, unified messaging or call center – a selection of many optional applications for HiPath 3000. Would you like more mobility for your employees? An integrated solution for wireless (Dect) telephones makes it possible to reach employees directly, anytime and anywhere in your company. No calls are lost, and inquiries can be answered faster. The satisfaction of your customers grows, and costly callbacks are avoided. In addition, a gapless radio connection using distributed base stations...

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HiPath 3000 - 12

Your success is the focus of everything we do at Siemens Communications. We work together with you to develop powerful communication solutions that help you achieve your business goals. Take advantage of our proven experience, innovation power and implementation skills in all key areas of voice and data communication. As a leading provider of communication solutions for mobile, fixed and enterprise networks worldwide, we constantly strive to make communication easier and more efficient. Thus we are setting the trends for a communication environment that fosters your success - today and in...

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