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TAKING FROM this experience we create a better, more perfect future. When designing our products, we take into account the values that shape our lives. Setting the highest standards we try to mobilise others. Changing the point of view we introduce innovations that help make life more comfortable. With our quality products, life gains an edge. WE CARE ABOUT NATURE TNA One of the major objectives to be t o taken into account when designing prod products p is their impact on nature. For this re th reason, his the FAKRO products are extrem energy extremely mely efficient and safe, whilst also...

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THERMAL INSULATION LOWER HEATING BILLS Window reinforced structure - topSafe system Energy-efficient Ample natural light Sustainable design energy balance The design of FAKRO roof windows provides appropriate illumination of the room within the loft space. Specially shaped profiles of the frame and sash as well as an air inlet location in the upper part of the frame allows for the influx of high quantities of natural light. One of the top priorities when designing FAKRO roof windows is their energy-efficiency. Special structure of the FTT U8 Thermo window featuring Uw = 0.58 W/m2K makes it...

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FUNCTIONALITYEASE OF OPERATION III safety class Anti-burglary protection Handle in the base Automatic V40P High window tightness High level of anti-burglary protection is a crucial issue in FAKRO products. The standard window for pitched roofs - the FTP-V P2 Secure meets European 2nd anti-burglary class RC 2 N as per EN 1627. Installation of this type of windows in the roof considerably enhances safety and anti-burglary resistance of the building. Toughened glass together with the topSafe reinforced structure found on FAKRO roof windows enables them to meet the minimum class III safety as...

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thermoPro Technology PROFI and LUX class roof windows are manufactured using thermoPro technology. The solutions introduced ensure improved quality and parameters of windows. ThermoPro technology increases energy-efficiency performance, provides greater durability, ensures excellent tightness and facilitates the installation process of roof windows. GREATER WOOD DURABILITY THERMAL INSULATION OF WINDOWS THANKS TO WATER DRAINAGE CHANNELS Reduced heat loss and lower heating bills New version of low emission coating on the glass Introduction of insulation inserts in the bottom corners of the sash...

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INNOVATIVE INSTALLATION SYSTEM OF SPECIALLY SHAPED HINGES INCREASED SECURITY Roof windows have to ensure safety of use and protect against unauthorised access to the room from the roof. The special system of the window structure reinforcement topSafe significantly improves resistance of roof windows to break-in attempts and protects against the sash opening under foot pressure if inadvertently stepped on. METAL ELEMENT STRENGTHENING THE LOCKING SYSTEM METAL STEEL BAR, MAKING IT DIFFICULT TO BREAK THE WINDOW USING TOOLS

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Sign of responsible forest management TYPES OF WINDOW PROFILES FAKRO products are constructed with a detailed analysis of their influence on nature. In this way, the company contributes to sustainable energy balance and protection of non-renewable resources of the Earth. OO LIFETIME glazing unit hall resistance warranty V__' ^details to be found in warranty card available at and at Builders Merchants FAKRO obtains wood from forests with planned forestry economy and uses in the production process eco-friendly materials which do not contain harmful substances. FAKRO obtains wood...

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ION AIR INLET CONSTRUCTION The air inlet in roof windows ensures a constant and adjusted inflow of fresh air, even when the window is closed. Due to this feature, proper functioning of the natural ventilation in the loft is possible. The air inlet channel is made in such a way that its construction provides excellent thermal and acoustic performance. It also features very good filtering properties which prevent dust from entering the room. Situated in the window frame it does not diminish window’s actual glazed surface. Automatic V40P Air Inlet Positioned in the top part of the frame. At a...

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Centre pivot roof windows are still the most popular design, with a wide variety of options including highly energy-efficient windows suited to airtight construction, burglar-resistant windows (particularly suited to low pitch roofs and multi-occupancy buildings). All can be rotated through 180° to clean the outer pane from within the room. A choice of natural pine, white acrylic, white PU-coated pine and PVC is available. Top hung and pivot dual function roof windows provide total flexibility of use. When open, the top hung function provides an unrestricted field of view at a lower height...

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The balcony window is the ultimate, modern twin sash window. With the top sash opening as a top hung window, the bottom sash with laminated internal glazing opens from the bottom to reveal built-in balustrades. L-shaped windows provide scope to take any of FAKRO's standard roof windows into a vertical wall. This gives a much extended field of view and a bigger glazing area which maximises the use of natural daylight. Conservation roof windows are designed to meet planning requirements in conservation areas or for the sensitive development of older buildings. In addition to all our standard...

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HOW TO SELECT A ROOF WINDOW 1 2 MANUAL OR ELECTRIC CONTROL? • Electric control using wireless technology is available to operate your roof windows – supplied as standard with a factory fitted motor, remote control and a rain sensor. Allows multiple windows and accessories to be operated from one controller. The use of the Z-Wave protocol permits communication with other smart home devices. SUPER SAVINGS WITH HIGHLY ENERGY-EFFICIENT WINDOWS • A well insulated roof can be let down by a poorly insulated window which will cause heat loss. • Standard double glazed windows with a thermally...

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SELECTING THE CORRECT FLASHING KIT Flashing kits are necessary to provide a neat and waterproof connection to the roof, therefore choosing the correct kit is an essential requirement in the selection process. FAKRO roof window flashings are categorised according to the roof material and application. • They enable roof windows to be installed with any type of roof covering. - Standard depth and ideal for tiles such as the Double Roman. - 3cm higher than the standard depth, for high profile tiles such as the Bold Roll. - 3cm deeper than the standard depth, for where a recessed style is...

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