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Roof windows accessories - 2

WHY USE ROOF WINDOW ACCESSORIES? Play with light, mix colours and patterns to put your stamp on an interior design. Be creative and bring the colours of nature or your chosen style into the room space using FAKRO original roof window accessories. 2

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Roof windows accessories - 3

INTERIOR DESIGN Internal accessories can put the finishing touches on any loft conversion. The wide range of blind type, style and colour ensures complete harmony with your chosen décor and helps shape a room’s character. External accessories provide the ultimate protection against solar gain and UV while also reduce noise in winter from hail and rain. Regulate the amount and intensity of light entering the room. At one extreme, you can have total darkness, even on a sunny day while at the other you can simply use a blind to prevent light reflection on computer and TV screens. FAKRO roof...

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Roof windows accessories - 4

exterior temperature Maximum temperature in the attic space on a hot summer day, depending on the type of installed protection accessories. * temperature inside the room * Presented results and diagram are for illustrative purposes only - they relate to specific weather conditions during the test. PROTECT YOURSELF FROM HEAT GAIN... WHICH ACCESSORIES PROVIDE THE BEST PROTECTION FROM OVERHEATING? DIN 5034-1 covers the required levels of natural light which should be provided to interiors. It says that rooms should be protected from overheating through the use of external accessories (awning...

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Roof windows accessories - 5

8 times more effective more effective 8 times more effective more effective Documented research* clearly shows that external accessories (awning blinds and roller shutters) protect against heat gain. Awning blinds provide the best means of protection as well as being the most cost-effective and practical. Internal blinds can also be used but are generally less effective, their main benefits being light reduction and internal decoration. Solar energy transmittance: Figure 1: Window without blinds g = 61% ( 0.61) as per EN 410 Figure 2: Window with internal blackout blind g =  37% (0.37) as...

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Roof windows accessories - 6

AWNING AMZ BLINDS AWNING BLINDS times more AMZ Z-Wave AMZ WiFi AMZ Solar AMZ Electro AMB TAKE A REST IN THE SHADE ... The awning blind offers the best means of protection against overheating while at the same time providing an unrestricted view. It absorbs solar radiation before it reaches the glazing and reflects heat effectively, even on the sunniest days. It also provides relief for the eyes and protection from the harmful effects of intense, reflected light. The AMZ awning blind is available in three price groups while AMZ Z-Wave, AMZ WiFi, AMZ Solar and AMZ Electro awning blinds come...

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Roof windows accessories - 7

Awning Blind AMZ Awning Blind AMZ The AMZ awning blind is made of durable, weather-resistant mesh. It is rolled up on a spring-loaded shaft and inserted in an aluminium cassette mounted above the window. This design provides ease of operation and provides a wider fabric area to shade the interior more effectively. — up to 8 times more effective protection against overheating compared to internal blinds — effective shading without restricting views to the outside — ease of operation. The window can be covered for long periods without the need to roll it up — protection against UV radiation —...

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Roof windows accessories - 8

ROLLER ARZ ROLLER SHUTTERS ARZ-H ARZ Z-Wave ARZ WiFi ARZ Solar ARZ Electro DISCOVER AN OASIS OF TRANQUILITY... External roller shutter provides total comfort when using the attic space because it protects from overheating, enables complete shading of the room, reduces noise from the outside and ensures a sense of privacy in the attic. The material samples printed can differ in colour from the actual product.

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Roof windows accessories - 9

Roller Shutter ARZ Roller ShutterARZ Installed externally, roller shutters provide effective protection from unwanted heat gain. Aluminium slats are joined by means of a special rubber connector to increase weather resistance. — effective heat and UV protection — reduction of heat loss during winter by up to 15% (for a FAKRO window with a U-value of 1.3W/m2K) — complete blackout for total privacy — acoustic protection against external noise — burglary protection When installing roller shutters on windows in vertical combinations a minimum 20cm must be maintained between windows. In...

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Roof windows accessories - 10

YOUR HANDS.. . • i i • i • i r • i ■■•‘iBK I. i The AJP Venetian blind is a popular roof window accessory which can control the amount of light and heat entering a room. The angle of slats can be /hanged in the tradifioiwWciy tovaryjlilmount of light and the effect it IHIlWSn the room. W

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Roof windows accessories - 11

Venetian Blind AJP Venetian Blind AJP The AJP Venetian blind protects against overheating and can be used to enhance interior design. The blind is enclosed by an aluminium cassette which protects against alight infiltration down the sides. The window sash can also be changed with the blind down. — adjustment of slats to change the amount and direction of light entering the room — enhancement of interior design — partial reduction against heat gain — blind may be locked in any position — partial UV – protection — provision of privacy without significant reduction of natural light within the...

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Roof windows accessories - 13

Colour in the shade Colour in the light The material samples printed can differ in colour from the actual product.

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Roof windows accessories - 14

ROLLER ARS BLINDS ROLLER BLINDS LIVE WITH COLOUR... The standard ARS roller blind is used to reduce light entering a room while offering scope to be used as an intrinsic element of interior design. In addition to reducing incoming light, the wide range of fabric colours and patterns can add enhance room décor and style.

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Roof windows accessories - 15

Roller BlindARS ARS Roller Blind The ARS roller blind is fabric wound on a spring-loaded shaft. It comes with an attractive aluminium fascia which elegantly conceals the shaft and has three pairs of hooks placed in the sash to enable the blind to be locked in these positions. — variable reduction of incoming light — wide range of colours and patterns to suit varied tastes — partial protection against heat gain — lock the blind in a choice of three positions — provision of complete privacy when closed — ARS - manually operated. For operation of blinds which are out of reach the universal ZST...

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