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FAKRO Loft ladders - 2

FOLDING LOFT LADDERS 2 Technical specification: fully assembled, and ready for quick installation in the ceiling

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FAKRO Loft ladders - 3

FOLDING LOFT LADDERS enable safe and easy access to loft spaces without the need for costly and space-consuming staircases. FAKRo ladders satisfy all technical and safety requirements whilst maximising ease of use and comfort. SPACE SAVINGS FAKRO loft ladders require little 'swing space'. The ladder is mounted on the hatch so that, when folded, its sections are neatly concealed inside the loft space. EASE OF INSTALLATION To make installation easier, 'click' fixings enable some FAKRO loft ladders to be fitted by a single person. All can be installed with ease, however and can be adjusted to...

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FAKRO Loft ladders - 4

FAKRO offers a choice of wood and metal loft ladders to satisfy the needs of each individual customer and home. All FAKRO folding ladders offer a high degree of thermal efficiency to reduce heat loss and meet the requirements of BS 14975:2006. The most popular ladder in the range, the LWK Komfort, is supplied with a handrail, protective stile ends, and a white hatch. To reduce installation time, choose the LWZ Plus or, for added user comfort you Thickness ofthermal insulation Heat transmittance coefficient U [W/m2K] Fire resistance class according to EN13501-2 FIRE RESISTANT System of quick...

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FAKRO Loft ladders - 5

can go for the LWL which is equipped with a second handrail and added spring assistance for opening and closing. For energy efficiency, the thermally-efficient LTK Energy ladder provides very low U-value. The highly insulated LWT ladder is also equipped with three seals to provide total airtightness. Where there may be limited ceiling height and space, a sliding ladder such as the LDK, which is similarly equipped to the LWK, is ideal. Where fire resistance is needed, we can offer a choice of three models: the LWF 45 with timber sections, the LMF with metal sections and the LSF metal scissor...

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FAKRO Loft ladders - 6

In addition to having a wide range of loft ladders FAKRO also manufactures combination loft doors for installation in walls. These are used to provide access to unused space behind a wall or under stairs. Three models are available, the first and most basic model, the DWF insulating door having a 3.6cm thick sash. For added thermal efficiency and airtightness the DWT provides a U-value of 0.6 and offers Class 4: EN 12207 performance. Where fire resistance is required, the DWF offers double-sided protection (fire classification EI145 EN 13501-2), as well as exceptional airtightness and...

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FAKRO Loft ladders - 8


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FAKRO Loft ladders - 9

The loft ladder has a pine or metal frame integrated within its box. It comes complete with linings which, in combination with a quick installation system gets the job done fast! The peripheral seal is used to ensure the ladder aperture remains airtight. The patented corner hinge and spring mechanism provides added rigidity to the box and prevents distortion. HATCH MECHANISM The used mechanism significantly simplifies ladder operation. The hatch after unlocking opens slowly without causing any hazard to the user. In addition, the mechanism maintains the hatch in fully open position,...

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FAKRO Loft ladders - 10

WOODEN FOLDING SECTION LOFT LADDERS WOODEN LOFT LADDERS Insulated white hatch and handrail. As the hatch is opened the hinge moves it away from the ladder, thus increasing space for added convenience. CLICK The LWK Komfort ladder’s innovative design ensures ease of use, a high insulation value and quick installation. It is equipped with an aesthetically pleasing, smooth white finish to the hatch, and a handrail as standard. Low weight and innovative way of hooking the hatch on the so-called ‘click‘ allows for installation of the loft ladder by one person. stile ends (only in 3-section...

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FAKRO Loft ladders - 11

LWK Komfort LOFT LADDER DIMENSIONS For LWK Komfort non-standard sizes page 27

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FAKRO Loft ladders - 12

WOODEN SECTION LOFT LADDERS WOODEN LOFT LADDERS Quick-fit brackets built into steel frame speeds up installation and makes levelling within the ceiling easy. Integrated architrave lining gives a highly pleasing finish to the installed ladder. The LWZ Plus loft ladder combines the advantages of the latest design and quick fitting. The integrated steel frame, installation brackets and metal architrave lining make installation simple and finish off any imperfections and gaps between frame and ceiling. Hinge controls hatch movement and moves it away from the ladder sections for greater ease of...

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FAKRO Loft ladders - 13

LWZ Plus LOFT LADDER DIMENSIONS Ceiling opening dimensions [cm] 865701 865711 865712 865713 865751 865753 865754 Ladders are available only in sizes shown above.

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FAKRO Loft ladders - 14

WOODEN SECTION LOFT LADDERS WOODEN LOFT LADDERS Additional handrail ensures comfort and ease of use. The LWL Lux loft ladder is equipped with an additional handrail in the middle folding section and a special gas -assisted spring mechanism. The special hatch construction has enabled the need for a lock to be eliminated. The gas-assisted spring makes folding and unfolding far easier. stile ends white hatch peripheral seal unloading mechanism non-slip treads with additional depth possibility of installing additional accessories pages 52-57 Technical specification: permissible load of 160 kg...

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FAKRO Loft ladders - 15

LWL Lux LOFT LADDER DIMENSIONS Ceiling opening dimensions [cm] Ladders are available only in sizes shown above.

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FAKRO Loft ladders - 16

WOODEN SECTION LOFT LADDERS WOODEN LOFT LADDERS Short distance between the top tread and attic floor. Double system of seals guarantees perfect tightness. Light hatch weight and method of ‘click fixing’ makes installation very simple. The LTK Energy is highly energy efficient new generation loft ladder intended for energy-efficient buildings. They guarantee a high level of comfort, excellent thermal insulation parameters and the highest Class 4 tightness. Highly energy-efficient, 6.6cm thick hatch prevents heat loss, making significant saving on energy bills. stile ends (only in 3-section...

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FAKRO Loft ladders - 17

LTK ENERGY LOFT LADDER DIMENSIONS Ceiling opening dimensions [cm] Ladders are available only in sizes shown above.

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