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Precast Concrete Solutions. tunnels & shafts solutions tunnels & shafts brochure

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FP McCann is the UK’s market leader in the manufacture, supply and delivery of precast concrete solutions. Our comprehensive precast concrete business extends to include: Drainage and Water Management Solutions Tunnel and Shaft Solutions Rail, Power and Infrastructure Solutions Walling Solutions Fencing Solutions Rooms and Building Solutions Agricultural Solutions Flooring Solutions Specialist Precast Solutions Modern manufacturing plants at Alnwick (Northumberland), Cadeby (Warwickshire), Ellistown (Leicestershire), Grantham (Lincolnshire), Knockloughrim (Northern Ireland), Littleport...

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tunnels & shafts Technical helpline 01455 290780 fpmccann.co.uk/tunnels-shafts The FP McCann range of shaft and tunnel products have been Products manufactured include: developed to meet the requirements of the latest industry standards which include the British Tunnelling Society Specification and the Smoothbore Shaft & Tunnel Segments Civil Engineering Specification for the Water Industry. Designed with Cover and Landing Slabs consideration to the ease of construction and speed of installation, the Caisson Shaft Units FP McCann shaft and tunnelling systems offer strength, stability and...

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smoothbore tunnel & shaft segments FP McCann has launched and is developing a comprehensive range of Ring Types smoothbore shaft and tunnel linings. Each size is specifically designed Segmental ring types provided by FP McCann: to meet the tunnelling industry’s exacting and varied needs, recognising Segmental rings in stock are front or back bolted. the key criteria as being strength, stability and the capability of performing in all types of ground conditions. 1. Standard rings 2. Corbel rings Design Features 3. Recessed rings (standard, choker or cutter choker) All rings, with the...

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fpmccann & shafts FP McCann conducts all operations using an Integrated Management • Smooth internal faces • Simple locking process • Speedy installation • Immediate water tight seal • Cost reducing • Added safety features • Technical advice and support FP McCann Smoothbore Shaft Linings 'Nominal weights. Increase by 5% for sizing of lifting equipment and reduce by 5% for floatation design.

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tunnel & shaft FP McCann design and manufacture a bespoke range of both Trapezoi- dal and Expanded Segmental Smoothbore tunnel linings, designed to provide durability, speed and ease of installation in tunnel construction. Trapezoidal tunnel linings are developed to work alongside techno- logically advanced tunnel boring machines, with linings designed and manufactured to suit exacting project requirements, Tunnel segments can be modified to suit a variety of joint fixings, seg- ment thickness and tunnel diameter's. The latest manufacturing tech- niques incorporate steel fibre dosing to...

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tunnels & shafts Technical helpline 01455 290780 fpmccann.co.uk/tunnels-shafts Trapezoidal Tunnel Linings Size No of Segments per ring Average weight/ segment (kg) *Nominal weights. Increase by 5% for sizing of lifting equipment and reduce by 5% for floatation design. Expanded Tunnel Linings Size External diameter (m) 2.950 Segments per ring Ring Width (m) 1.000 Weight per ring* (tonnes) *Nominal weights. Increase by 5% for sizing of lifting equipment and reduce by 5% for floatation design.

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Tunnels and Shafts - 8

shaft cover & landing slabs Shaft Cover and Landing Slabs One piece Cover Slabs Reinforced Shaft Cover and Landing Slabs Shaft internal diameter (mm) Shaft external diameter (mm) Total slab weight (T) ‘just in time’ delivery. On site, the slabs can be quickly installed and provide an integral secure are an integral part of FP McCann’s shafts and tunnels product range, manufactured at the company’s specialist precast concrete facility. Both cover and landing slabs are cast to design specifications and made to order for shaft cover or internal landing. Two piece Cover Slabs Cover and Landing...

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Tunnels and Shafts - 9

fpmccann & shafts Slab sections are wet cast in fabricated steel moulds and steel cage reinforced. The concrete mix design is to a standard days. Alternative mixes are available. Design Features Design and detailing may be undertaken by FP McCann or to customers design specifi- cation. Reinforced cover slabs are generally designed to withstand loads in accordance with the recommendations of relevant British usually adopting 30HB loading or Eurocodes with appropriate Load Models, in conjunction with relevant overburden). Landing Slabs are designed for an imposed loading of 5kN/m2. Depending...

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Tunnels and Shafts - 10

caisson units FP McCann manufactures a range of reinforcing units suitable Open caisson-sinking techniques permit a shaft structure to be for sinking by the caisson method. Caisson shaft units can be progressively sunk, either under its own weight or with the aid supplied with diameters of 2100mm up to 4000mm. Caissons are of caisson jacks, in a controlled manner from the surface to a manufactured in accordance with the requirements of BS EN 1917, predetermined depth. Caisson shafts are constructed using a metal and have Kitemark certification where relevant to the scope of cutter ring and...

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Tunnels and Shafts - 11

jacking pipes FP McCann jacking pipes enable pipe installation where the Features of FP McCann jacking products include opening of trenches is neither practical nor cost effective - self-lubricating joint gasket (Lamell type F-146) They provide an environmentally suitable solution - built-in handling system with an extensive range to suit most FP McCann jacking pipes are made from dense, durable, steel cage reinforced, sulphate resistant concrete having a minimum machines and shields FP McCann is a member of the Pipe Jacking Association strength of 50N/mm2 They are manufactured in...

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Cadeby Works: Brascote Lane Cadeby Nuneaton Warwickshire CV13 0BB Tel. 01455 290780 precast@fpmccann.co.uk

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