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Precast Concrete Solutions. flooring solutions beam & block flooring brochure

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FP McCann is the UK’s market leader in the manufacture, supply and delivery of precast concrete solutions. Our comprehensive precast concrete business extends to include: Drainage and Water Management Tunnel and Shaft Solutions Rail Power and Infrastructure Solutions Walling Solutions Fencing Solutions Rooms and Building Solutions Agricultural Solutions Flooring Solutions Bespoke specialist precast product service Modern manufacturing plants at Alnwick (Northumberland), Cadeby (Warwickshire), Ellistown (Leicestershire), Grantham (Lincolnshire), Knockloughrim (Northern Ireland), Littleport...

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beam & block flooring benefits Sales and technical enquiries 01335 361269 FP McCann’s beam & block system can be quickly installed to form a suspended floor providing a flat, insulated solid base to build from. Additionally, it helps to eliminate problems associated with soil heave and shrinkage and offers excellent sound proofng, acoustic performance and fire resistance properties. The system also facilitates the designer to contribute to reducing the carbon footprint of a dwelling, as well as, providing thermal mass benefits - what’s more it’s squeak-free!...

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Standard centres use blocks spanning 440 or 215. Cut blocks are used to achieve fill. Fully bedded block on a slip block Fully bedded block on slip block Typical garage/dwelling shared bearing on wall 200mm wide min. Multiple beams carrying heavy partitions, eg masonry. Beam arrangements must be central to partition Grout against wall Typical single skin garage wall detail 2 beams side by side filled with concrete Grout against wall Typical staggered bearing on wall less than 190mm wide. Infill blocks sharing 100mm wall-50mm bearing each

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Beam and Block Flooring - 5

fpmccann flooring Sales and technical enquiries A Typical House Beam Floor Layout The layouts aim to assist the installers by showing designed beam layouts and the location and orientation of the appropriate infill blocks. Section A-A Section B-B Section D-D Section F-F Section G-G Section L-L

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Beam and Block Flooring - 6

Beam Type Domestic/Ofiice Garage

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Beam and Block Flooring - 7

typical construction details Sales and technical enquiries 01335 361269 Design Information All our floor designs are carried out to the requirements of EC2 euro codes and BS EN 15037-11998 and are CE marked accordingly. Load / Span Tables Our load / span tables are designed to accommodate the following range of typical load combinations: Live Loads: Domestic dwelling 1.5 kN/m2 + 1.0kN/m2 for Partitions Offices 2.0 kN/m2 + 1.0kN/m2 for Partitions Communal Areas 3.0 kN/m2 Garages 2.5 kN/m2 or 10 kN point load Finishes: 65mm screed 1.56 kN/m2 Insulation 0.04 kN/m2...

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Beam and Block Flooring - 9

product extras/ floor finishes Sales and technical enquiries 01335 361269 Membranes Damp proof, methane and/or radon barriers can be laid directly on completed beam and block floor subject to manufacturers installation instructions. Flooring grade tongue and groove chipboard and rigid thermal insulation* Assumed weight of finishes = 0.16kN/m2 Screeds Ground floors should ideally be finished with a sand/cement screed laid directly onto the beam and block floor. Unless the floor finish is particularly moisture sensitive, a damp proof membrane is not necessary. 65mm...

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Beam and Block Flooring - 10

delivery/ installation Sales and technical enquiries 01335 361269 Void Ventilators In accordance with best practice, the void beneath a ground floor should be a minimum of 75mm deep (150mm in Scotland), when measured from the soffit of the beam where clay heave or accumulation of gases is anticipated the void should not be less than 150mm. In situations where this void must be ventilated e.g. to disperse harmful gases, a clear path of not less than 1500mm2 per metre length of external wall should be provided. Care should be taken to ensure ventilation continues...

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Weston Underwood Office: Bullhurst Lane, Weston Underwood, Derbyshire, DE6 4PH. Tel: 01335 361269

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