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a wider grammatical construction. In quite a similar way, our pieces of furniture all by themselves already tell a story, convey an emotion, and show a personality that makes them unique and distinct from the others. But it is when they get involved in a broader context when they finally make sense. It might be drastically new and different, yet respectful towards their essence. This context is no other than the specific decorative project. It can be a hotel lobby or its bedrooms, the terrace of a restaurant, a cocktail bar up in the rooftop of a historic building, and even an exhibition or...

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La palabra es una unidad de significado en sí misma, pero alcanza su plenitud expresiva en construcciones gramaticales más amplias. De la misma manera, nuestras piezas de mobiliario, por sí solas, ya transmiten una historia, una determinada emoción, poseen un carácter que las hace únicas y distintas de las demás. Pero es cuando se imbrican en un contexto mayor cuando realmente se cargan de un sentido que, sin despojarlas de su esencia, resulta radicalmente nuevo y distinto. Este contexto no es otro que el proyecto decorativo concreto. Un proyecto que puede ser el lobby o las habitaciones de...

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hotels 1. W Hotel page 10 2. Ca Na Xica page 18 3. Vivood page 28 4. Balandret page 40 5. Reina Victoria page 48 6. Ohla page 58 7. AKA United Nations page 68 8. Son Barbassa page 78 9. L'Echiquier Opera page 88 10. Melia Villaitana page 98 11. Generator Hostel page 108 12. Sheraton Melbourne page 118 restaurants events 13. Random page 128 14. Sushifresh page 138 15. Estado Puro page 148 16. Mama Campo page 158 17. Zacapa Room page 170 18. LZF Symposyum page 182 19. Expo Milan page 192 private villas 20. Private Villas page 204

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11 W Hotel City / country: Barcelona (Spain) Year: 2013 Project design: United Design Partnership Collection: Nautica Photography: José Hevia At the end of the Barceloneta, at the very same edge of Al final del paseo de la Barceloneta, al borde mismo the sea, the majestic W Hotel stands up still, a colossal, del mar, se yergue el majestuoso W Hotel, una colosal sail-like figure 99 metres high. When the first sunrays figura con forma de vela de 99 metros de altura. creep over the sea horizon and fall on the silvery glass Cuando los primeros rayos del sol reptan sobre el skin which envelopes...

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Nauticas at the W Hotel. The iconic W Hotel by Ricardo Bofill.

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Two live elements which experience endless metamorphoses Dos elementos vivos que experimentan infinitas metamorfosis depending on the moment of the day, as the London-based stu- dependiendo del momento del día, tal y como quiso plasmar el dio United Design Architects managed to capture in the lounge estudio londinense United Design Architects en la zona lounge area of the hotel: “We wanted to reflect these beautiful, natural del hotel. Tal como explican, “queríamos reflejar estos bellos and vibrantly changing colours as well as taking into account colores, naturales y cambiantes, y al mismo...

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Ca Na Xica and its genuine chic agritourism 19 Ca Na Xica City / country: Ibiza (Spain) Year: 2015 Project design: Carla Espinosa Collection: Käbu, Senso, Nido & Out_Line Photography: Fernando Alda Ten years ago, it was possible to count on the fingers of one hand, and three played gooseberry, the existing agritourisms in Ibiza. Today, it is a very coveted kind of establishment and now the figure approaches the states whose owners decided to lease the free rooms in order to make an extra income. Now, due to its mass appeal, the definition has been widened to encompass diverse offers. What...

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23 Out_Line chair in the private sundeck of a premier suite. View of the swimming pool with Slim chaise longues. View from the restaurant with Käbu module at the forefront. Uno de los iconos de este denominado “agroturismo chic” es Ca a boutique hotel located a few kilometres away from the village Na Xica, un hotel boutique situado a escasos kilómetros de la of Sant Miquel de Balansat, in the north-east end of the island. población de Sant Miquel de Balansat, en el extremo nordeste Surrounded by a rural landscape, packed with thousand-year- de la isla. Rodeado por un paisaje agreste,...

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Private terrace. Restaurant with Käbu and Senso armchairs around the tables in the background.

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Uno de los rasgos distintivos de Ca Na Xica es su piscina, acuática pool. The relaxed life of the guests revolves around this aquatic espina vertebral en torno a la cual fluye la vida relajada de los spine. The pool has become the star of this small planetary system huéspedes. Convertida en la estrella de este pequeño sistema that seems to float in a galaxy where stress and hustle have no planetario, que parece flotar en una galaxia donde el estrés y el meaning. Olive trees and cypresses orbit in silence its blue surface, ajetreo carecen de significado, alrededor de su superficie azul same...

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Restoring harmony with nature 29 Vivood City / country: Benimantell (Alicante, Spain) Year: 2016 Project design: Daniel Mayo Collection: Twins, Käbu & Plump Photography: Mimus Comunicación & Amanda González Recuperar la sintonía con la naturaleza The seed of the current VIVOOD Landscape Hotels La semilla de lo que hoy es VIVOOD Landscape Hotels was a project of sustainable prefab housing built fue un proyecto de viviendas ecológicas prefabricadas a thanks to an innovative technique to press straw partir de una innovadora técnica para prensar fardos de bales. However, once it was selected by...

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33 VIVOOD integrates nature, architecture and design. “Pie de foto”, Descripción de la foto superior. In order to avoid disrupting the beautiful setting of the Guadalest valley in Alicante, the modular units (suites, restaurant and reception) were not built there but in a factory. They were later carried to the site where they were assembled. The person behind VIVOOD, Daniel Mayo, a young architect from Segovia, explains that the most important thing is “once in the plot, we used a nonaggressive system to prevent damaging the land. There are no foundations; stilts anchor the cabins to the...

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