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Tonality Classic & Colour - 1

The Wave, Denmark, Henning Larsen Architects cladding clay tiles Tonality®

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Tonality Classic & Colour - 2

Natural clay sets the tone Tonality tiles Natural fired clay tiles, made from the finest Westerwald clay will give your commercial, public and even residential building a natural terracotta cladding look! With an easy and user friendly installation, different joint options and a wide variety of surfaces and colours, Tonality clay tiles will be an inspiration for everybody! Easy installation, lift and lock solution We offer a comprehensive terracotta rainscreen system featuring lift and lock technology with aluminum vertical profiles, horizontal sub-grits, wall brackets and trim pieces. It...

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Tonality Classic & Colour - 3

Fine surface Long lasting

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Tonality Classic & Colour - 4

Ventilated facade Originated in Scandinavia centuries ago, the ventilated facade (rainscreen) technique is now very prominent in areas with demanding climatic conditions. In the terracotta rainscreen system, the outer tile deflects rain and sun heat away from the building. The ventilation space allows air to freely circulate behind the tile, creating a well ventilated and comfortable inner building. Versatility The ventilated facade construction principle combines the scalability of curtain wall construction with the creative versatility and adaptability offered by traditional building...

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Tonality Classic & Colour - 5

Outer layer Ventilation space Fixing system Terracotta rainscreen

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Tonality Classic & Colour - 8

Advantages Creative Available in an endless range of colours and sizes Possibility to play with tile formats from 150x300mm up to 600x2000mm Produced in different surfaces: smooth, grooved, pilaster strip & waved version Economical One layer means less weight & less use of substructure High wind pressure resistance due to rear strengthening hanging system The time saving “lift & lock” system ensures a fast and precise installation Maintenance free Fine & smooth surface which ensures no contamination Permanent “Graffiti Protection” is included in all finishes except for natural Brick Red...

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Tonality Classic & Colour - 9

Kinderhaus Pertinsel, Austria – Architect Lothar Huber St. George Island, United Kingdom Design possibilities Arch.: Bontinck, Ghent, Belgium

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Tonality Classic & Colour - 10

Colour Chart Tonality® Tonality® Classic Nature Pearl Grey Flint Grey Umbra Grey Cream Light Tonality® Classic Finished Surface, with graffiti protection Brick Red - Finished surface Light Grey Bright Grey Middle Grey Dark Grey White Matt White Glossy Black Matt Black Glossy Siena Beige Tonality® Classic Siena Siena Anthracite Siena White Tonality® Classic Special Series Please note that actual colours may slightly vary in appearance from those shown on the colour chart. Bright Red streaked Bright Blue streaked

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Tonality Classic & Colour - 11

Tonality® Colour

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Tonality Classic & Colour - 12

Tonality® ADS Fixing System Applications The Tonality Adaptive System (ADS) can be fastened on a horizontal or vertical primary substructure. This system is the preferred option for large surfaces and complex facades. The primary substructure is subject to structural analysis suited to the respective building project and does not constitute a component of the Tonality® system range. Vertical primary substructure 1 Tonality® Cladding tile 2 Tonality® Adaptive vertical profile aluminium 3 Tonality® Adaptive joint profile aluminium 4 Tonality® Protection against dismantling 5 Primary...

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Tonality Classic & Colour - 13

Tonality® BAS Fixing System Applications The Tonality® Base Clinch Rail System (BAS) can only be fastened on a vertical primary substructure. Joints and bearing profile are already pre-assembled by the manufacturer. The primary substructure is subject to structural analysis suited to the respective building project and does not constitute a component of the Tonality® system range. Vertical primary substructure 1 Tonality® Cladding tile 2 Tonality® Base Clinch Rail System 3 Tonality® Protection against dismantling 4 Primary substructure aluminium T -profile 5 Primary substructure aluminium...

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Tonality Classic & Colour - 14

Tonality® Sun Protection Tonality sun protection systems are an enchanting accent to any building facade. Essentially, the addition of long linear elements to the building surface is a clever way to achieve artistic shading and to create depth. More importantly, they also provide an effective means of protection from the intense ultraviolet rays of the sun. In summer months, heat gain through an unprotected glass can drive energy costs. Sunscreens can not only combat this phenomenon but, enhance the aesthetic appeal of the exterior elevation. The Tonality sun protections are offered in...

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Tonality Classic & Colour - 16

Euro Panels Overseas NV Bormstraat 24 B-2830 Willebroek Belgium Tel +32 (0)15 71 73 80 Fax +32 (0)15 71 73 89 TECHNICAL STATUS 02/2014 All notes, technical and graphic information correspond to the current state of the art and to our experience based on this. The installations described are examples and do not take in consideration the conditions particular to individual cases. The information given and the suitability of the materials for the proposed use must be checked by the purchaser in all cases. We (companies of the Etex Group) accept no...

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