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NEW STONIT Product Information Leaflet1 1. Product composition NEW STONIT slates are made of fiber cement and consist of: • Portland cement • Mineral fillers • High-grade synthetic fibers (PVA) • Organic process fibers (cellulose) • Organic coating 2. Production method NEW STONIT slates are made of highly compressed and air-cured fiber cement. On the fair face, NEW STONIT slates have the same texture as natural slates and its 4 edges are dressed. During production pigmented slurry is applied to the fair face. After curing exact slate sizes are cut from the base sheets. Different multi-layer coating systems are applied on the front and back of each slate. 1.Reinforcing fibers 2. Water 3. Mixer 4. Process fibers 5. Cement 6. Water 7. Central mixer 8. Silo 9. Hatschek machine 10. Press 11. Cutting frame 12. Finishing 13. Stacking This product information leaflet replaces any previous editions. EURO PANELS OVERSEAS reserves the right to amend this information leaflet without prior notice. Readers should always ensure they consult the most recent version of this document. SLATES-NEW STONIT-PIL-EPO-ENG

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3. Dimensions, tolerances and weight Nominal thickness: Tolerances: 4 mm on length and width On thickness (*) only available on special request 4. Colours and finishing layers2 NEW STONIT slates have a triple finishing layer on the fair face and a double one on the back. Fair face On top of the pigmented final layer, as part of the production of the base sheet, a double protective top coat is applied. It consists of a primer and a finishing coat. The latter is a synthetic acrylic resin containing pigments that determine the final colour of the NEW STONIT slates. Also the edges of the NEW...

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5. Mechanical and physical characteristics (average values) Table 2: Mechanical characteristics Bending strength (saturated) parallel to the fibers perpendicular to the fibers average bending moment Table 3: Physical characteristics Physical Characteristics Density Moisture expansion coefficient Thermal expansion coefficient Water absorption Frost resistance Remark Oven dry From oven dry to saturated for an unfinished slate Oven dry (between –20° and +80°c) After 24 h immersed in water – starting from an oven dry, unfinished slate. Continuous 6. Advantages, properties and performances • • •...

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Euro Panels^ The most used tools for working fiber cement slates are: Fig. 4: Hand shear Fig. 5: Slater's hammer Fig. 6: Break iron Fig. 7: Scoring knife SLATES-NEW STONIT-PIL-EPO-ENG

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10. MAINTENANCE AND CLEANING In function of the location of the roof, it is recommended to remove fungi, mosses etc. when required. Also regular inspection of the roof is recommended to check the physical condition of the slates as well as the fixing. For more details on cleaning procedures, please consult EURO PANELS OVERSEAS. 11. TRANSPORT AND STORAGE NEW STONIT slates are stacked on pallets and covered with corrugated cardboard. The pallet is further secured with a protective shrink-wrapping and iron straps. The slates have to be stored in a dry and wellventilated space on a flat...

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