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Infrared Heaters highest efficiency rates – perfect heating to save energy costs

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our roots are in europe, our market is the world Only the warming rays of the sun have 2 infrared – inspired by nature enabled life on our planet. The warmth we technology effect feel in the sunlight, but also in front of a fireplace or a stove, is infrared radiation. On a winter day the cool air does not bo- technique structure security ther us as long as the warming rays of the sun reach us directly. Infrared radiation overcomes the distance between the sun and the earth nearly without losses and turns into heat once hitting the surface. In contrary to UV or X-ray radiation particularly...

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infrared – inspired by nature perfect comfort EUCOTHERM infrared heaters use the principle of solar radiation and provide comforting warmth to every room. A specially developed carbon fiber fabric generates directly longwave infrared-C radiation from the consumed energy. This radiation does not need air to transport the heat but permeates it nearly lossless and turns into heat whereever it meets objects, walls and ceilings. These store the heat and release it evenly into the room. Thus the walls are always warm and dry. effect The human well-being depends primarily on the ambient air...

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EUCOTHERM infrared-heaters are up to 50 % cheaper than conventional heating systems. Highest quality components are assembled in order to produce an infrared heater with virtually unlimited lifetime. EUCOTHERM infrared-heaters convert 100 % of the energy consumed in comfortable warmth. They heat quickly and accurately – without any service and maintenance costs. The walls remain dry and the insulation properties are improved in the long term. essential for a comfortable and healthy indoor climate EUCOTHERM infrared-heaters do not require expensive piping, a socket is sufficient. The...

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COMPLETE HEATING Especially where the costly installation of central heating must be avoided or is not possible. Proper dimensioning is essential for the satisfactory operation of a heater. The heat demand assessment is carried out by architects and engineers. Nevertheless the heat demand assessment for individual rooms can be estimated on the following benchmarks*: Use as complete heating: 40 - 60 Watt/m2 TRANSITIONAL HEATING If the existing heating system is not or no longer in operation or works too slowly. SECTIONAL HEATING For targeted heating of individual recreation areas without...

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technique EUCOTHERM has the leading technology of far infrared panel heaters. Highest efficiency rates and lowest possible energy consumption is guaranteed. All panels have in common is the unique CARBON GRAPHITE POLYIMIDE panel integrated, which performs better than all common used electric conductors. The new developed electric conductor, which is more durable than steel, generates the highest possible efficiency rate (about 93 %). Pressed in epoxy resin EUCOTHERM panels can reach very high surface temperatures, which give additional improvement in efficiency and therefore saving energy....

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security Each panel is equipped with five built-in security sensors to protect the panel from overheating. The structure of the panel (the panel is both forward and backward protected by aluminum plates) guarantees 100 % PE protection. EUCOTHERM infrared-heaters are CE-compliant. The Research Centre Seibersdorf Laboratories confirmed a report that the radiation of EUCOTHERM infrared heaters is far below the international threshold for effects of infrared radiation on skin or eyes. IP44 conform (dustproof and splashproof). new technology developed in Austria EUCOTHERM – proofed number one in...

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All standard panels are finished panels and ready to use, plug in and work. All necessary instructionsand tools are included (mounting possible in 5 minutes). All panels are rated for 110 V or 230 V. aluminium panels white, with frame size L x W x H (cm) mounting recommendation wall / ceiling wall / ceiling wall / ceiling wall / ceiling wall / ceiling wall / ceiling wall / ceiling All information is subject to change.

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glass panels black, frameless size L x B x H (cm) mounting recommendation glass panels white, frameless size L x B x H (cm) mounting recommendation mirror panels, frameless size L x B x H (cm) mounting recommendation All information is subject to change.

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stand support aluminum stands for mobile use of the heating panels (only applicable for standard line panels with frame). ceiling mounting set the ceiling mounting simplification set facilitate the mounting of the infrared heating panels on the ceiling (only applicable for standard line panels with frame). towel rail the towel rail can be used for drying and using the infrared panel in bathrooms.Each panel can be equipped with up to 2 towel rails (applicable for all models). ceiling rings these rings can be used to hang down the infrared panels from higher ceilings (an additional rope or...

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As our heating element (carbon fiber with nickel and nano silver conductor)was developed by Austrian technicians and laboratories (in cooperation with Japanese and German suppliers), EUCOTHERM uses this sign as an indicator of latest state of the art developments. It shows to final customers who trust more in European technologies, the outstanding performance of our heating element. EUCOTHERM and their suppliers are constantly working together with external laboratories to further improve the heating element and therefore, the efficiency of the panels. With the CE marking EUCOTHERM declares...

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EUCOTHERM Gewerbestrasse 9a A-6973 Höchst Email: Website: Subject to technical changes. Information provided without guarantee. Version 10/14 EUCOTHERM UK For more Information please contact us on: Tel: 01530 563820 Fax: 01530 340000 Email: Website: Please contact us to arrange a representative to visit. We can also arrange point of sale materials and any required display samples.

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