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The Magic Of The New Pantone Color 2022


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The Magic Of The New Pantone Color 2022 - 2

PANTONE VERY PERI The pantone color chosen for 2022 is Very Peri, which results from the combination of blue and reddish violet, thus creating a new color that has never existed before. The energy of the mixture of these two colors represents transformation, which is completely appropriate to the phase the world is facing, a phase in which the pandemic has caused our daily lives to suffer many changes and even stop. It is very important to convey the message of change, of transformation in this day and age. Society recognizes colors as a form of communication and expression, and Very Peri...

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The Magic Of The New Pantone Color 2022 - 3

Located on the beautiful coast of Saint Tropez, in the Côte D’Azur region, with a wonderful ocean view, this house is the definition of luxury. The predominance of golden, dark tones contrasting with beige tones gives us a feeling of comfort and, at the same time, of refinement. This residence is quite large, which allowed the definition of several areas in a single room. It consists of two floors, the upper floor where there is an elegant suite with a fantastic closet, and the lower floor composed of kitchen, living room, dining room and pool.

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In nature is there anything better than flowers to represent the beautiful strong colors? There are many flowers that have this new Very Peri color in them, such as the lavender flower, which in addition to its powerful scent also has this characteristic color. Once very colorful bouquets were the sensation of the moment, but now bouquets with only the color Very Peri are going to be the new thing and the trend.

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INTERIOR DESIGN In decoration, neutral colors are favored, because they are timeless colors, however, more and more neutral environments are used with strong color accents to give life and joy to the project. We can be sure that these purplish tones will be much more present in the designs in the form of pieces, that is, not being the background color of the environment itself, but as color accents in fabrics, vases, chairs, cushions, etc. As we can see the Marco armchair from Essential Home, in the color Very Peri, besides being a wonderful product, is completely adaptable to any...

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MARCO ARMCHAIR An armchair part of a beautiful collection that brings a comfortable and stylish shape, prepared to elevate the decor of any project. Staying true to the midcentury modern style, Marco armchair brings an uncommon round shape with curvy and comfortable arms.

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ABOUT US Essential Home is the epitome of bohemian retro design. Its mid-century modern lines merge from important historical references from the ‘30s and 60’s. The harmony of masculine and feminine, classic and contemporary, high and low, is integral to the brand’s sense of style. We deal with different, intimate and cosy ambiances that express elegance and luxury. Conveyed by the use of high quality materials, Essential Home pieces have a mid-century modern signature that makes it irresistible to us all. We intend to create time travels through a strong evocative connotation of the...

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