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Aluminium Joist The VersiFrame® Aluminium Joist is developed for use with VersiJack® height-adjustable pedestals to create a substructure for conventional decking systems. It allows for an increased level of versatility and stability in decking installations. The VersiFrame® Aluminum Joist is designed for seamless compatibility with most conventional fixings and decking board profiles available in the market. For enhanced compatibility, VersiJack® height-adjustable pedestals can be used with the VersiFrame® Aluminum Joist, offering a high strength, durable, and reliable substructure for decking installations. VersiFrame® 35R Aluminium Joist The VersiFrame® Aluminum Joist is easy to install and remove when maintenance or access to underlying waterproofing membranes or concealed services is required. The rigid substructure created from the VersiFrame® Aluminum Joist keeps pedestals and decking boards strictly aligned, minimizing negative effects of improper handling during maintenance. VersiFrame® 35F Aluminium Joist VersiFrame® Adaptor A wide range of engineered accessories can be used in conjunction with the VersiFrame® Aluminum Joist, allowing decks to be installed in a wide variety of design configurations. Two types of joist joiners allow the VersiFrame® Aluminum Joist to be attached perpendicularly or at varying angles, making it more convenient to construct non-uniform decks. VersiJack® Pedestal Perpendicular Joiner Side Joiner Concealed Side Joiner Vertical Edge Clips VersiFrame® Accessories Perpendicular Joiner Concealed Joist Joiner

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VersiFrame® 35R Aluminium Joist Fixed Board Clip Removable Board Clip VersiFrame® 35F Aluminium Joist Fixed Board Clip Removable Board Clip The Elmich security hologram ensures authenticity of the products. Note: The information provided in this brochure is based on current knowledge and experience and does not infer any legally binding assurance or warranty, expressed or implied. Intending purchasers should verify whether any changes to specifications or applications or otherwise have been made since the issue of this literature. Environmentally-friendly recycled materials are used in...

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