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MEP Tray® Modular Extensive Planting System


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MEP Tray® Modular Extensive Planting System - 1

II Modular Extensive Planting System ELMICH Creating Cities Where Urban Meets Nature Engineered in Australia Our Innovation Your Solution The Modular Extensive Planting (MEP) Tray has water storage compartments, integrated capillary wicks, and other unique features that provide a quick and simple solution to transform dull conventional roofs into green and beautiful roofs.

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MEP Tray® Modular Extensive Planting System - 2

Research worldwide has shown that green roofs limit the impact of climate change, underlining the valuable role they play in sustainable design. They reduce heat transmission from rooftops to habitable spaces below, lower ambient temperature, mitigate urban heat island effect, reduce rainwater runoff, and enhance aesthetics. Confinement Grid Planting Media Geotextile Filter Support Plate Capillary Wick ® MEP Tray Overflow Outlet Reservoir Rodent Barrier Fastening Peg Drainage Pipe Polyurethane Seals Base Connector Bolt (optional) About MEP® Tray The Elmich MEP® Tray (Modular Extensive...

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MEP Tray® Modular Extensive Planting System - 3

Enhancing the Urban Experience Distinctive Features Capillary Wicks Capillary Wicks in the Support Plate convey water to the geotextile filter and planting media. This also discourages root incursion into the reservoir. Placement of Planting Media The MEP® Tray has a fitted Support Plate for placement of a geotextile filter. Its small apertures stop excess planting media from getting into the reservoir. Planting Media Geotextile Erosion Control A Confinement Grid minimises media spillage from the MEP® Tray. It is attached to the tray to prevent it from being dislodged. Confinement Grid...

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MEP Tray® Modular Extensive Planting System - 4

Technical Specifications • Established green roof upon installation • Modular, lightweight and portable Planting media height • Integrated capillary wicks Reservoir capacity • Closed drainage system • Watertight pipe and connector joints • Non-clogging reservoir and drainage channels • Spill-proof planting media containment • Option to secure tray against uplift Typical Detail Turf/Plants MEP® Tray Bolt (optional) Protection Screed Waterproofing Membrane Screed Roof Slab Private Residence, Australia The Elmich security hologram ensures authenticity of the products. Red Cross New...

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