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Horizontal cooking Built for the toughest kitchens

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Since 1871 Production, Precision and Tradition for over 100 years Swiss Design delivered around the world from a world class factory based in Sursee (CH). Made for your Excellence Boiling pans line 1930 First generation of tilting boiling pans 1934 Cooking installation in Kloster 1960 A strong passion for innovation, a special attention to customers and a genuine belief in sustainability: these are the core values inspiring Electrolux Professional and supporting its vision. A story that dates back to 1871 and continues today, a history of Electrolux Professional Swiss designed products...

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Incomparable Swiss design Infinite combinations, reliable innovation, superior flexibility and the highest quality standards. High performance & reliability Precise temperature control with perfect heat uniformity. Highly resistant construction with impeccable finishing. Energy savings Innovative solutions for high efficiency and savings. Less consumptions and lower running costs. Better for your business and for the environment. Simple&Safe Everything made easy. Superior ergonomics, maximum cleanability and operator safety guaranteed.

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Zurich Bern Sursee, Switzerland. thermaline Competence and Production Center

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Sursee, Production and Competence Center Dedicated to excellence, the 25,970 m2 Production Center not only houses the production equipment, the laboratories and the quality management team, but also acts as a global Competence Center to provide faster and more efficient support to kitchen planners and their global customers. Heating and cooling without fossil fuels The Sursee Production and Competence Center is powered by an innovative geothermal system, a closed heat exchange system to facilitate fossil fuel-free heating and cooling of the building. The pumps draw heat from the ground in...

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Swissfinish Modular 80 & 90 One-of-a-kind design Swissfinish, available on request, means an optional 3 mm-thick single piece worktop for superior hygiene and sturdiness. Smooth and Sturdy One Piece Top The worktop of a therma//'ne Swiss Finish Block is completely smooth. The single appliances are welded in the unique top without junctions. Therefore it is very easy to clean and very confortable to work on. Highest Confort with the Swiss Finish Top The worktop can be customized with rounded edges, splash guards, lowering protection rails, pot racks and salamander supports

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Best return on investment also in heavy duty conditions The extremely sturdy construction allows to work also with heavy and hot pots and pants without any deformation of the work top. The unique top is made of a 3mm 1.4301 (AISI 304).

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More efficient flame burners This unique technology ensures adaptation of the flame to the size of the pot, thanks to the patented triple-ring, flower-flame burners* which offer optimized combustion and achieve up to 65% efficiency. More savings with the Ecoflame device for gas burners. Continuous and fast service with the pan detection system which activates the start&stop function. Ecotop with 35% energy savings therma//ne Modular 80 & 90 features Ecotop with its special coating to prevent heat dispersion and ensure savings. It reduces up to 35% of heat radiation to the outside of the...

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hobs the maximum power level to perfectly perform different cooking processes. Temperature can be precisely Fast and precise cooking With therma//ne induction is reached within seconds. The heating can be raised or lowered instantaneously adjusted according to specific needs with 9 different power levels. Delicate food can be gently cooked at lower power levels where instead larger quantities can be managed at maximum power. Flexible configurations therma//ne offers a complete range of induction appliances, including full surface, single point induction and wok. The induction plate can be...

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JNbucnon TCf Rets/ 1CKD OKL t-t-im Sr^'rie. rOV&H

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Unique chassis therma/ine Modular 80 & 90 boasts a strong internal frame resistant to bumps and corrosion, thanks to its 2 mm thick stainless steel construction. This unique chassis guarantees structural reliability in any type of installation (on feet, cantilever, stainless steel or concrete plinths). Multifunctional There are never enough cooking tops in a high productivity kitchen. Free-cooking tops, acquacooker, multibraisers fit to a variety of cooking techniques and types of food preparation. Flexibility, outstanding results and energy efficiency are guaranteed. Power under control...

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Multifunctional cooker Multifunctional appliance for holding, poaching, boiling, braising, frying and shallow frying. Perfect for meat, fish, vegetables, soups, sauces and much more. Aquacookers Water-based, multi-purpose kitchen preparations, including regeneration, holding and boiling can be produced quickly with the Modular 80 & 90 Aquacooker. Cooking well is in stainless steel 1.4435 (AISI 316L) for superior resistance against corrosion. Free-Cooking top The quality of your dishes is ensured by a multi-function free-cooking top featuring direct contact or indirect contact using any type...

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Refrigerated freezer base The most flexible solution in a single kitchen multi- temperature operations, refrigerate or freeze foods according to your needs. Deep fat fryers The V-shaped well with electric or gas heating offers high performance and efficiency, brings oil to frying temperature quickly. Ensures high productivity and a longer oil life thanks to uniform distribution of heat and no direct contact with the heating elements. Fast removal of food residuals and easy cleaning thanks to rounded corners, and precise laser welded well. High performance chargrill Thanks to the highly...

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Bases with rounded corners According to the strictest regulations on hygiene the base compartments follow the H2 standards with large round edges for easy cleanability. H3 available as option. Fast cleaning The therma//ne Modular 80 & 90 range offers IPX5 (on electric version) and IPX4 (on gas version) levels of protection according to IEC international directives. The smart design of the dropnose top and recessed pinth protects the front of the appliances from dirt. Chimneys with removable panels Double-lined chimneys include removable panels for easy cleaning. Seamless and Waterproof...

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