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Combi Ovens and Blast Chillers

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The Electrolux Professional difference More efficient, more profitable and more human-friendly kitchens. That’s the Electrolux Professional promise. Stress is not a necessary ingredient in great-tasting food.* Small amounts of stress can sharpen performance but high levels over a prolonged period of time can contribute to health problems, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, and heart disease. of chefs in the US have been on sick leave due to stress of US chefs have used or considered using prescription medication to calm down after a stressful day at work of chefs working in London said...

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SkyLine Cook&Chill - 4

The power of all-in-one Transform your working life and expand your cooking horizon with perfectly integrated all-in-one Electrolux Professional solutions. The new Cook&Chill system will revolutionize your kitchen processes by making them easier, effortless and more profitable. Just one trusted partner from pre-sales support to 24h assistance with Electrolux Professional Essentia Customer Care. Slice, dice, shred, cut and julienne in record time Cook to perfection with SkyLine Ovens and other cooking appliances Chill with SkyLine ChillS Blast Chillers Scan to discover Cook&Chill experience 4

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SkyLine Cook&Chill - 5

Tested and trusted by the unique global Electrolux Professional Chef Academy Hold with ecostore Refrigerated Cabinet and Counters Regenerate with SkyLine PremiumS Ovens Serve your customers

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SkyLine Cook&Chill - 7

One DNA Twin appliances SkyLine Oven and Blast Chiller share the same mindset. Simplify your life 7

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SkyLine Cook&Chill - 8

The path to ultimate performance Heat and cold in perfect unity. Time-saving, high performance SkyLine Ovens and Blast Chillers are the heart of the Electrolux Professional all-in-one solutions. The perfect duality of smart technology and human-centered design. How unique SkyLine Cook&Chill can revolutionize your kitchen A leaner workflow More efficient and effective use of your staff and appliances through pre-preparation of large batches. A winning match Save money. Gain space, Experience smooth operations with a full range of accessories for banqueting and handling systems designed to...

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SkyLine Cook&Chill - 9

A better place to work SkyLine are the only professional kitchen appliances in the world to have 4-star rating in ergonomics and usability. Cut food waste Every gram counts. SkyLine offers maximum return on your investments by extending shelf life and ensuring minimum weight loss during cooking and chilling. Uncompromising quality Dishes keep all their essential characteristics: flavor, texture, appearance and nutritional value are rated just the same as freshly cooked food. SkyLine makes HACCP compliance simple. Take control of your business with OnE connectivity A personalized app to...

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SkyLine Cook&Chill - 10

OnE Connected, your digital Connected SkyLine cook & chill OnE Connected helps you get top performances from your Electrolux Professional solutions. This will maximize your profits and accelerate your return on investment. VrTTfl Improve your work life 24/7 real time monitoring Electrolux Professional OnE gives you remote control over your operations like managing recipes to devices all across the globe in just one click or receiving HACCP alarms in real time. WJ0 Earn more Maximize profit Electrolux Professional OnE helps you reduce consumption to a minimum and optimize the efficiency of...

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SkyLine Cook&Chill - 11

Digital platform OnE Connected Customer Care giving you Your performance Boost your processes Electrolux Professional OnE gives you the insight to better organize your production flow. You can improve your output quality and meet the highest quality standards. Smart business decisions. Smart percentage statistics mean you can monitor the quality of your food more easily and keep your customers happy. Non-stop operations Increase equipment uptime OnE helps you plan maintenance at just the right time, to ensure maximum uptime while reducing your costs for unexpected breakdowns. OnE knows when...

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SkyLine Cook&Chill - 12

Bakery concept Standardize the high quality of your breads and pastries with the latest generation of Electrolux Professional appliances for baking. Revolutionize your productivity. Have fresh dough always ready to go. 1. Add your ingredients to the mixer for perfect mixing and kneading. Leave your dough to rest. Let your creativity take shape. Start by thawing your dough in the SkyLine ChillS Blast Chiller. Then use the automatic Prove and Bake cycle on your SkyLine PremiumS Oven. SkyLine PremiumS Oven 6GN SkyLine ChillS Blast Chiller 30 kg Thanks to pioneering Electrolux Professional...

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SkyLine Cook&Chill - 13

Save at least 3 hours with overnight proving Blast freeze the fresh dough with X-Freeze. FR E G IN EZ SkyLine ChillS Baguette Tray Blast Chiller 30 kg Then store in the optimum conditions provided by ecostoreHP refrigerators until needed. The core temperature of your dough remains at -18 °C. ecostoreHP Refrigerated Cabinet and Freezer 4a. OPTION A Start with SkyLine ChillS Blast Chiller cycles for Thawing, Proving and Retarded Proving of your dough. Then bake in the SkyLine PremiumS Oven. SkyLine PremiumS SkyLine ChillS Oven 6GN Blast Chiller 30 kg

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SkyLine Cook&Chill - 14

Sous-vide concept Reduce food costs and waste by extending the shelf life of food. You decide how long in advance you prepare your line, serving the maximum in quality. New Sky Duo technology at your service. 1. 1. Sear your meat and chill Customize and enhance flavor by adding your personal choice of seasoning and aromatics during initial searing. se a positive U (0°-3°C) chilling cycle or choose the automatic dedicated cycle. Choose the appliance best uited s to finish your dish for service. SkyLine PremiumS Oven 10GN 1/1 thermaline Free Cooking Top 5. Then store in the optimum conditions...

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SkyLine Cook&Chill - 15

Up to 3 times longer shelf-life for your meat 2. Vacuum pack to lock in flavor, stop bacterial proliferation and food oxidation. 99.9% of air is removed. Vacuum Packer 3. Steam your vacuum packed food at low temperature. Meat lasts up to 3 times longer and safety is assured using the Cycles+ for Sous-vide. SkyLine PremiumS Oven 10GN 1/1 Use the Sous-vide probe for high precision cooking. Use our thermaline Aquacooker or SkyLine PremiumS Oven for exclusive, gourmet events. The oven is designed for large quantities and high-performance. Alternatively you can use Aquacooker if your oven is...

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